Hi Daddy…

  • June 25, 2011 at 7:04 AM

Dear Daddy …

I am missing you!   Can’t wait to send you some pics… Nana is trying to get some of me to put up on my website and when she does… I will write you again!    Nana hopes you got your care package from camp and that you are okay.

Love Little Miss Adorable,


Hanging with my buds….

  • May 24, 2011 at 7:08 PM


I had so much fun today…. just wait and see……

Dear Mom and Dad…

I am having a fantastic day in the Mitten State!  Yes it is true.. I am the only one of my buddies without my safety helmet on (Riley has one too but has it off for the photo) … and you can bet Nana won’t let that be going on very long…. something tells me… I am in for a helmet fitting trip to the store in the near future.

Today I stayed at camp and played with Nana all day.  I went to lunch with Poppy… and well, didn’t feel much like eating.   But later I was a very good eater… and made you both proud.

The weather is actually nice in the Mitten State… rare but true.

I love playing outside, and especially love when buds Riley and Grant come over to see me.   I am starting to see how sisters and brothers share… which is a very good thing… that I will need to practice a bit for my new baby brother.

I am now fishing in my tubby.   Yes … fishing.   It is so much fun… and I am very good at it.

So it’s true… I call this the ocean…. and I am fishing for sharks… and fish, and crabs, and sea horses….

No word from daddy yet, but hopefully soon he will see my photos and smile…. Mommy says she is doing okay but I think she is missing me and daddy …. Nana is trying to check on her progress everyday.   Since I have been at camp I am not so interested in using my big girl potty… because well frankly there is way way too much for me to do and I do not want to even think about it… but Nana is trying… as you two well know… I have a mind all my own.

I will finish my love letter later…. and will hopefully have more photos for you to see… until later … I love you Mom and Dad.  

Little Miss Adorable…


A Love Letter to My Daddy!

  • May 23, 2011 at 12:09 PM

Dear Daddy,  and of coarse mommy too… but today I want write to my daddy cause he is on a trip far far away!

I know you have to go away to work, and will be missing me each day.   So Nana and I decided to write and tell you every day… just how lucky I am that you love mommy and I, and that you are always in our hearts.   No land of sand this year for you… instead maybe a cave or two.   I am hoping you will be okay, and soon return… I will count the days!

I am sending you snap shots to see me today… and look at the hard labor I too have when I play.   Don’t feel alone when you are out roughing it… I am also pulling my load and keeping busy a lot.   I have WAGON DUTY and it is quite a chore….

Here I am trying to determine just how daddy would do this….

It’s hard labor Daddy, and look I too am in my Camp Nana fatigues (ACU’s)!  I know you wear boots but look daddy  I wear light up shoes!  ( They are so awesome in the dark)

Pull! Pull!   I am so strong.   I just want you to know that you are not alone…. I work at this playing thing really really hard all day long …. and by lights out I am pretty much zonked!

Wow … down hill is so much better!  

It’s said you may miss some easy terrain…. so here is a glimpse of some green and pink to warm your heart.

In the army you have so many resources… humvee’s and equipment to help you along…. here at camp I too find that I am able to switch it up …. and try different methods of traveling about…( some how it seems there are always lots of other campers around…. a step or two either way… I am always found…. so while you hang with your fellow soldiers… I empathize dad… sometimes you must just wish you could break free… and see only me…. soon daddy I promise I will be waiting here…. and in the mean time…. I will keep them all running and busy as me…. just watch me go!

By the way daddy… please know they have special flags out for you… one every few feet along with yellow bows… Nana says the bows will stay all year through… until my daddy comes home to mommy, baby and me!   Yes… it is true friends and family alike…. I am to be a big sister which is why mommy is at the Hood.   She is working on base… and holding down the fort.. (army humor) and she and baby brother are missing me too…. I am here at camp for a visit and knowing all the while, my mom and my dad are missing my style.   So a few more photos I am sending your way… hoping to brighten your lonely days…  I love passing time by dancing to music, found this old radio and play songs for all of camp.  I love turning it up and dancing about… I get everyone to involved it is like my own personal  PT (more army lingo) and I keeping them in shape daddy…. just wait and see.

Then there is reading time… Nana loves sharing books…. we read and read and I take it all in….

I still cook in my kitchen and serve up “tea time”.   All campers must participate…. or they answer to me.

Uncle Nick and all the Aunties…. sit for tea!

Remember daddy… just like you do with me…. while youre away don’t forget our tea daddy, our shopping or baby stroller rides together.  

Riley and Grant are my friends next door… they have a daddy in the Army.   He is stationed here by Nana so who knows… one day when you are home…. maybe thats where you will get to go….

I know you are lonely daddy… but look … here … It’s is me closer so you can take a better look.  One face so many expressions…. but all of them ME… you princess your girl…. your sweet baby!

Nana knows you won’t always be able to get to the internet… so enjoy every photo and memorize it…

And for now dear daddy… with all of my heart… I wish you happy days… and these eyes, this face with each day start…. I am as always your one and only…. Little Miss Adorable…


P.S.   Dear Mommy…. thank you for telling me Daddy may get to see me one last time for a while… my next love letter will be for you….I miss you both….today and always…

Wow…. look at me!

  • May 17, 2011 at 7:18 PM

I am so so big…. can you believe it… look at me!

Do I look bigger….

 Until next time, I am as always, Mommy and Daddy’s Little Miss Adorable….


Her Royal Highness – Another Princess!

  • April 30, 2011 at 9:30 PM

The Royal Wedding was yesterday… and it was beautiful… but my Nana says I wll always be her ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCESS GUILLIANNA….. and she thought all of my loyal subjects…. would love to see me in my most recent… ROYAL pose!

Happy Spring everyone… I am doing good at the Hood.. and my Mom and Dad are well.   Life is good.. and I am truly everyone’s ….. Her Royal Highness, Princess Guillianna… Love to all…. Little Miss Adorable…



  • April 16, 2011 at 2:25 PM



Love, Little Miss Adorable,


Time for us to say goodbye… again.

  • April 16, 2011 at 9:27 AM

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am getting ready to come home…. Nana has a bazillion photos of me at my dance classes.. me at the zoo me hanging with the campers… and she promises to put up pictures…. soon.   Here is a quick peek of me last Monday!   I was at my last class… Miss Wendy was so nice… for now though Nana has to pack up my stuff and we are off in a few hours to see you.   Until then here is my smiling face to keep you … but in a few hours you will see the real deal!  As always…

 Little Miss Adorable, your sweet Guillianna!

Saying good bye is sooooooooooo not easy…KNOWING GUILLIANNA IS BACK WITH MOMMY AND DADDY IS A JOY!  She will be home in a few hours… and the rest of us… will have some photos to enjoy until she comes again.

Another week of “SPECIAL’s”?

  • March 28, 2011 at 12:37 AM

Dear Mom and Dad,

I wrote you the other day about my “special”.   And now I am writing you about Uncle Nick’s “special”.   I went to see him have a “special” day.  As a matter of fact it was a special week… first my Great Grandma had a birthday… and then you daddy you had a birthday… but with Great Grandma in Florida and Daddy at work… I haven’t photos to share… just lots of love in my heart… the photos I do have… since I am hangin’ at camp these days… would be with Uncle Nick.   Don’t you worry though  I CELEBRATED ALL THOSE SPECIALS… ONE THING I DEFINITELY AM IS GOOD AT ‘CELEBRATING’ Guillianna style.

Yeah, I stole it… I stole his cap… he is just lucky I didn’t steal the gown too…

Uncle Nick graduated this weekend with his 2nd college degree.   Personally I think I look amazing!

Uncle Nick and Aunt KiKi take time out to pose for the “beast”.  As did..

Uncle Nick and Aunt Alyx….and …

Uncle Nick and Aunt Arrianna… Uncle Nick was a busy guy with the beast snapping photos left and right..

 Uncle Nick and Miss K!    And what kind of photographer would Nana be if she missed…

Poppy and Uncle Nick who always look awesome together too…  but not that I am partial… there is one photo that I feel takes the cake…

Yep you guessed it…. this happens to be the best shot of Uncle Nick yet don’t you agree…?   I was so impressed with the ceremony… that I figured I had better get moving on my own education.   So I got my reading glasses… and hit the books….

I am not sure if I am metriculating… or if this is my SOPHIA LOREN POSE…

 This studying is serious stuff though …

I decided that I needed a little nourishment for better comprhension of my studies… so… I had some cereal as a “midnight” okay… late evening snack… but cereal is my Uncle Nicks fav… so in honor of him I at some scrumptious and mind enlightening delishisness….  thanks Uncle Nick for sharing your special with us all and I am told all those who love you were there too… where exactly I am not too sure about… but Nana says… everyone who loves Uncle Nick was right there with him “in heart” what ever that means Nana… she can be a little much sometimes (ask any of the campers) …… and I am sure Mom and Dad loved seeing me in your cap… it will prepare them for what lies ahead… Until next time Mom and Dad…  I send you love and WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY WISHES TO MY DADDY… I am sure you’ll get plenty of birthday kisses soon I blew them out the back door ALL THE WAY TO YOU… and as always, I am, your LITTLE MISS ADORABLE…


What is a”special”?

  • March 23, 2011 at 3:35 AM

Dear Mom and Dad…

Things here are excellent.  One minor exception however.   SNOW yes… more of the wonderful white stuff that these Mitten State dwellers seem to be pretty used to.   See, for me… while it seems I was noticing that the white stuff had disappeared.   AND YES, I was looking forward to warmer days… and hoping for a trip to the park…hmmm, maybe not this visit…. it’s just a little to “wintery” around here.   The good news… IF SPRING SHOULD ARRIVE…I am ready for it…  yep, we had a few nice days and Poppy brought me a “special”.   Yep yep yep… I helped him put together my new and wonderful WAGON.   All the campers hoped that since the snow had melted we would be able to go out and take walks… so we worked, and worked and worked… (seemingly FOREVER) on building my new “special”.  

I am telling you this project was big.. I worked and worked with Poppy and Aunt Alyx to create a masterpiece.

From smaller pieces to huge pieces… and pieces I have no idea what to do with… we worked and worked.

My ‘special’ is coming along…. and I can hardly wait… but I don’t mind… not one bit because Poppy lets me help.


So after our project was complete there was only one thing to do… PUT ON OUR MITTEN STATE WEAR… AND GO FOR A WALK.

and a few other winter clothing articles… ( okay so it wasn’t that cold but you know NANA mom always said she was OP.    No that does not stand for obsessive something… it stands for OVER PROTECTIVE)

Aunt Arri says I am a human burrito!   But Nana says… I was “warm”.

Baby Elephant and I had a great walk…. and yes mom and dad.. while Nana did not pull out the old bike helmets, I do in fact have a seat belt on as does baby Elephant.  Note the COOLER, attached.  Hmmm, maybe today it would be considered a warmer…. it’s insulated.   My juice stayed plenty cool in my cup holder, so… I think I will just use this for toy storage until a warmer day.

So when Nana went to put up these fantabulous photos… she was checking the web site as she always does as my “WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR”.   One thing she does, is keep an eye on who is keeping an eye on me… she almost didn’t get the pictures up… she was taken back…. (another Nana moment of sorts I guess) then Nana remembered something… she said today’s LOVE LETTER WOULD BE ABOUT MY ‘SPECIAL’   Not really being cute or funny though… she calls it “special” because it is so incredibly special.  Not because it’s an awesome ride (which it totally is) … nope… but because putting it together with Poppy and Aunt Alyx was ‘special’.   Because walking with the campers is “special”.  Do you want to know what Nana saw when she was working on my web page? It was visits from JAPAN.   Nana says, when someone logs onto my site, she knows where they are logging on from and what page they looked at.   THIS DAY   today, there were visitors on my site IN JAPAN!  Visitors who LOGGED on to specifically a date in my love letters.  The date the visited was THURSDAY APRIL 1RST 2010.   Why?   NOT TO SEE LITTLE MISS ADORABLE… AND WHILE HARD TO BELIEVE , I know – IT IS TRUE THEY WERE NOT SEACHING FOR CUTE BABY PHOTOS AND LOVE LETTERS… NO SOMETHING MORE….You see… often people find my site because they enter a phrase that matches something I have written to you and daddy.   ON APRIL 1rst 2010 I TITLED MY LOVE LETTER to you and daddy in the land of sand as… ‘FINDING OUR STRENGTH’.   Today someone in Japan found me… because they were looking on the internet and had typed…”finding our strength“.    Nana, then and there had yet another reminder… that it is the moments like building my ‘special’… the moments you see in my face when I smile… that we all live for that make LIVING ‘SPECIAL’.   It is in those SPECIAL moments that we all find our strength.  It is those moments that define our lives as “special”.  So here I am mom and dad… and these photos are what Nana says will give us all strength… it’s something to do with innocence… with love…. with pure moments of happiness and joy… that take us all to someplace “special”.   While families all over the world suffer hardships… I HAD A JOB TODAY… as do we all every day….TO LEARN WHAT TRULY SPECIAL IS….  SO WE NEVER FORGET HOW LUCKY WE ALL REALLY ARE AND WE REMEMBER TO HOLD ON TO, AND TRULY ENJOY THE SIMPLE “SPECIALS” LIFE HAS TO OFFER.


Until next time, Mom and Dad… I am doing great… I am feeling very ‘special’… and I am truly happy.  I hope you have a great day… and as always, I am your Little Miss Adorable, your sweet girl…



  • March 22, 2011 at 11:09 AM

Dear Mom and Dad,

Yes it is true, Nana had another one of her “nana moments”.   I have to say… it’s wierd… she says that “there are times when (she) is just so sad that her daughter cannot be here” – just like there are times when she is “so sad that I am in Texas and she misses seeing me”… well today was one of those “Nana moment” days…   Nana… was all teary because she wished mommy and daddy could be with me at my first class… so she brought the beast… and decided she would GET A BAZILLION PHOTOS AND BORE EVERYONE WITH MY EVERY STEP…. but all the while knowing that mommy and daddy will love seeing me… so here we go….

I HAD MY VERY FIRST BALLET CLASS… YES IT IS TRUE… and I was sooooo happy.   Now keep in mind that I am not a fan of being out of Nana’s sight… and at first I was a little unsure… but once the music started I was part of the class and having a blast.

The little girl in yellow… well she was having fun with me… kinda like I was her personal little ballerina… you’ll notice in many of my pics…. she is a little “close”.   I didn’t mind though… I just loved being there.

I did all the things I was taught… I listened to the directions, and I had so much fun.

After we played with scarves… we then got bean bags… and danced with bean bags…

We balanced them on our heads, and shook them up to the music.


I was the smallest in the class but I kept up with all the kids.  They are all my age or a little bit older… but not much.

We all had to use our inside voices… and we all stretched and pointed our toes… our teacher is named MISS WENDY and she had a girl from her teenage class help out too.  

We really got to do a lot of things.   Thank you Mommy and Daddy for letting me dance… I love it.

We then became princesses and a prince…. and we walked accross a bridge to get to a castle tea party… watch me… I do it too!

Yep is is my new friend… she is really enjoying me in class… I like the attention….

Look Mom and Dad…



After we went over the bridge, everyone had a turn, we all met in the corner for a tea party.

It was so fun…

I sat down with all the kids and drank tea with them.  (It was pretend tea but I am an expert at this so I fit right in)

We learned twirling and hopping, pointing our toes and all kinds of dance steps.

We danced to Ariel from the Little Mermaid and it was so wonderful that I did not want it to end.

Here is more of ME being awesome…

What do you think?

I think I did great… and Miss Wendy was so proud of me…

Nana was all teary… and smiling and taking a bazillion photos…

yeah… a Nana moment for sure…

Nana says she couldn’t capture my smile when I finished my walk… cause I was facing the group but it was HUGE!

At the end of the class Miss Wendy let all the other parents and Nana’s in to watch us perform to the Disney music.

I am telling you this was an awesome time here in the Mitten State.

I go every week… and I am sure Nana will take more photos for you to see me progress…

but to be honest…

I am quite the ballerina already.

I have the stuff that ballerina’s are made of..

I like pink…

I like music….

I like when everyone looks at my moves…

I like listening to Miss Wendy…  I feel soooooo BIG!

Nana has more pics for you and daddy… but for now… this is me… saying…THANK YOU SO MUCH MOMMY AND DADDY… I LOVED THIS… AND I AM HAVING A FUN TIME.   As always, I am your Little Miss Adorable, Little Miss Dancer…


Finally some photos for you….

  • March 19, 2011 at 7:15 AM

Dear Mom and Dad,

Finally Nana has the her computer working.   I have been photo ready… but … well we will just say…. sometimes Nana is a slacker.   In her defense though… you will have to remember she never ever missed a day of posting when you were in the land of sand!   Now she gave her camera to Aunt Arrianna… and her settings for downloading photos all changed.   I am a lot busier now than I was as a baby… so she cannot fix this in the daytime… no way!   If we sit at the computer… its to go on Sprout on Line or Nick Jr.   That is the only reason I will sit still… I love playing the computer games that these two preschool channels have on line.   None the less… I have had a very busy time… and here are some pics so you can see what I have been up to…

Now I know most folks… go down a slide… me… I am more the climbing type… and is it fun…

that is not to say I don’t love going down too… either way… as long as I am in motion… I am happy!

I think the hardest thing I have to do everday is decide what to do next?   I am always reading, drawing playing …. running… jumping, climbing… and it is true…. Nana comes too!   Under tables… in closets… often I get every one at camp to hide with me… only trouble then… there is no one to find us… but we laugh anyway.   And usually one of the dogs is hot on our trail. 

I find places to hide and spy at the same time…. Peek a boo!

Here I am hiding with Aunt Al, and oh my,  look who found me…  I can’t believe it…. we sometimes play hide n seek with flashlights… and look what I found.. my shadow!  

I having a blast… I promise… with all the attention I get around here… well… who wouldn’t.

Come on Nana… let’s hide again… and we can re arrainge the pantry at the same time… YAY!

What do you mean child saftey lock?

I am sure that I will have no problem adjusting this…

Look… I can reach…

Look I can open it….

Look …. there is a lot of stuff in there I can reposition….

And don’t you worry Nana when you need that box of pasta I will remember right where I put it…

No problem…

I love the pantry…. great location for fun and all kinds of things to play with…

who needs toys!


I have seen feet of snow fall here… and now it seems the Mitten State may be in for warmer days!  I am ready.

 Okay.. so don’t freak out mom, but yes it is true I am wearing my glasses like Nana puts her reading glasses on her head…


hang with her and something is bound to rub off I guess…

but don’t worry… this is the only habit I will pick up here… I am busy teaching them all of my little tricks and training all the other campers to be like me…

Aunt Arri is already learning… she is great at playing and leaving things behind for Aunt Mikayla to pick up…

Aunt Mikayla is a hard one to crack though… she always picks up her toys…

And Aunt Alyx… well she loves running around with me in the basement… and I keep her in line too….

Trust me I am the driving force here… influencing all the campers JUST RIGHT!

So did you know Nana makes us eat veggies?    Yep its true… now I like the baby trees, and yes even the orange carrots… but Nana… zuchinni?  REALLY?   Not for me man… not for me…  Cookie please?

All in all…. Mom and Dad, I am lovin’ life…. I have a blast hangin with my fellow campers and they are truly having a blast with me… can you see it in my face?

Here I am thinking…. what to do next…?  It is sure to be exciting… involve laughing and running and well the usual EVERYONE PLAYING WITH ME… I especially love follow the leader… and EVERYONE INCLUDING THE DOGS FOLLOW ME AROUND THE HOUSE…. SO FUN!   Or maybe mom, I can play with the baby blanket GREAT GRANDMA SALLY MADE FOR YOUR BABIES… I use it to put my baby elephant to sleep…. Camp Nana has lots of things from when mommy was small …. it is so fun to play with them.

There is so much for me to tell you…. I hope looking at my pictures makes you smile…. I know I am smiling all the time… and Nana and Poppy are loving my little visit to the Mitten State.   I will see you soon, and hope your always remember I am as always your LITTLE MISS ADORABLE,  and oh soooo busy….


Finally recovering… and back at “work”.

  • March 11, 2011 at 11:51 PM


Dear Mom and Dad,

I am so happy to report…. I am feeling like my old self again…. I kicked the fever in the butt!  I have “passed” the flu… and will be happy to never see it return…

I am back at work… being adorable, being a princess and running camp in the manner in which it should be…

Yes it is true, I have shared my little “bug” with camp… but hey… I share everything.

I have dance class on Monday, and missed last Monday… so I am hoping to be able to go this week.   Nana is entertaining me while I have been under the weather…. we get to read a lot… I definately have favorites…. I did get extra tubby time when my fever was high and that was a total treat…. I have been coloring a lot of pictures and I am a real fan of SPROUT ON LINE.COM  They have so many games to play and I got to dress Chicka and all kinds of fun activities.   I had great fun vaccuming with Nana today.   There are hair bunnies under the furniture here from Mr. Griffy that would send tumble weeds running for the hills… I love helping.    I set the table here (which may account for the speed with which the other campers had become ill) and I love cooking with Nana!   I am quite the chef.   (Uncle Nick may have to share his Chef jackets with me soon).   I have been acetominephen free for two days!   This is great news since I really do not care for any of the flavors this stuff comes in.    Tomorrow is Saturday and I can hardly wait to play hide-n-seek with everyone… it is also another personal favorite of mine.   Rest assured… I am having a blast.    Until tomorrow, I am as always, your Little Miss Adorable, your sweet girl…


So it has been a few days…

  • March 8, 2011 at 12:10 PM

Dear Mom and Dad,

Its been a few days but with good cause… between Nana having to get all the components back in order for my website… and the simple fact that Camp Nana has evolved this past week into a “Sick Bay”  well… it’s been tough to even get a photo shoot in…  I was having a “flu” bug… and I thought I would like everyone to share because that is what I do… it’s just how I roll… ya know… and well all my fellow campers were cool with it… so far… I shared with Nana, Aunt Arri, Aunt Al, Aunk KiKi and now… Poppy is skating on thin ice… Uncle Nick has escaped for now… and Nana has disinfected every square inch of camp so maybe he will luck out…. Mr. Griffy, Liberty and Justice are uneffected…. and Nana says thats a good thing… since she is not a fan of cleaning up after sick doggies…. she say’s she doesn’t mind taking care of sick princesses one single bit.   I am ready to go now though… as a matter of fact… I was so hungry this morning… that when I woke up I wanted PANCAKES…. YEP PANCAKES  AND I TOLD NANA AND POPPY…. ” Morning… Gugubee Hungry… ”   Nana said “What, do you want juice?”  I said No, Pancakes!  IT WAS 2:30AM.   Well… I hadn’t been too hungry these past days, and when a princess has to eat…. a princess has to eat… Nana has little mini pancakes that I love… they are about the size of a half dollar.. and they heat up in the microwave… so… pancakes at 2:30am is not really a big deal… and being that she was happy I wanted to eat…. we sat up in my favorite “black chair” and she rocked me… 


All the campers too… on the mend… so soon we will have more photo ops!

Love Always, Little Miss Adorable….Guillianna

Dear Mom and Dad…

  • March 3, 2011 at 10:19 PM

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am sending you a love letter… I hope you will love it as much as I love you…

I have a little secret… I am ready for dance class… I love my ballet shoes and tights, I love my leotard… and I love twirling… but not as much as I love you….

You know I was not feeling well… but today… I am back in the swing of things… and feeling like my ole self..

I am just relaxing… taking it easy and yes I am watching a particular favorite show…. seems I am getting limited on my t.v. time… because if I could I would watch Sprout all day… so…. now I will dance… and read books… which I love to do too!

I am deep in thought in both of these photos… and I have to say… I was pretty excited when Nana took out the Beast…. I LOVE THAT CAMERA…. WHEN SHE TRIES TO TAKE PHOTOS WITH HER PHONE… IT’S LIKE EH.. NO BIG DEAL… BUT WHEN SHE BROUGHT OUT THE BEAST… WELL I WAS ALL ABOUT THE CHEESE!

 Don’t I look like I am loving the photo shoot thing…?

I have grown so much since the beast “camera” saw me last…

I am talking and dancing and playing all the time and it is definately true that I am certain… Nana and the beast will be challenged in CATCHING ME…

Today is a cold day here in the Mitten State… and some things never change…. MITTENS ARE REQUIRED IN THE MITTEN STATE… EVEN IN MARCH!

I am nearly fully recovered from my episode…. and am sending kisses to you and daddy every day… I also get kisses from you and daddy every day…

When ever someone comes in with the mail… they come running and plant one right on me… special delivery from both of you….!

So fun… then I run to the back door, and we blow you both the biggest kiss ever… and blow sooooo hard… so it will reach you and you can plant it right on your cheek!

I am sure that all my friends and family who have not seen me in a while will be shocked at how big I am …

I am as smart as can be, as cute as can be, and yes I am as always my mom and daddys, Little Miss Adorable…

Some may think … I could grow out of this title…

but my mom and daddy assure me… I will always be their LITTLE MISS ADORABLE….




Hugs and Kisses Mom and Dad,

I love you and will write you again soon so that you can see me anytime of anyday…



We miss you Guillianna, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • December 31, 2010 at 12:24 PM

A year ago… we sent Holiday Wishes …

by way of the internet to you and daddy… so Nana put it up today – for you to remember how lucky we are… and that we really did get the best present ever….

YouTube Preview Image

LAST YEAR our wishes were sent to you in the land of sand… THIS YEAR…. I AM HOME WITH YOU…. Every year…NANA HAS GOT HER SPECIAL GROWN UP CHRISTMAS  LIST…and on it …is the wish for ALL her campers (kids) to find their way home… to be with their family… to be safe… healthy and be able to face the trials of life together!


It’s the last day of 2010…. and we are about to begin a new year….

We hope that 2011 is full of wonderful and amazing new things to learn, and moments spent with mom and dad.    We hope to keep your web page up … in case we find daddy deployed again this year… so he will be able to visit it and see you.   In either case… the site will stay… a bit longer… and we will all be able to see Little Miss Adorable from time to time.  PEACE AND HAPPINESS ALWAYS… FROM GUILLIANNA AND  FAMILY TO ALL HER LOYAL READERS.     We are so thankful you are home… and we look forward to the new year.   Hugs and Kisses from Camp.

Holiday Wishes…

  • December 13, 2010 at 11:12 AM

Before my visit to the Mitten State ended, I went to make my Holdiday Wishes…

and while I know he says “HO HO HO”  where he was, I didn’t know…

I looked and looked for the man dressed in red…and yes it is true…  I was an itty bitty bit scared of you…  

I love that he is jolly and brings me gifts and toys….

 yet for me at age two…. the idea of sitting on his lap just simply annoys….

So I stood gathering myself…afraid of the elf..

They say he is very smart…

and I wondered if he knew the wish in my heart.  

I wish for my mom and my dad to be safe….and  that all those who love me know they are so great!

I am so lucky my mom and dad love me so… and to all friends and family…. I LOVE YOU… YOU KNOW.   Congratulations Aunt KiKi… your a college graduate now… I hear you too will be in the Army now…WOW!  

Poppy and Aunt Kiki proud as can be… One day Mom and Dad, this will be you and ME!

Love … LITTLE MISS ADORABLE, Guillianna!


  • December 6, 2010 at 5:56 AM


 I had a blast…. I am dressed as a super hero… and I played with everything I have!  Watch this…

I do not think anyone can count the number of times I did this particular slide but if you cannot tell…. it was very fun!   NOTE TO ALL PARENTS… THIS IS REALLY REALLY FUN!

There were all kinds of slides…

Tube slides that twist and turn… and places to climb climb climb…

My daddy is a soldier… and I can out last him! 

We had a blast… and

I hope he had as much fun as his little


I can tell by the look on his face …. he was scared but not me!

I wanted to go again…. AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND

WELL LETS JUST SAY…. I am not the one who wanted to leave …

Want to see how high I climb?

Here is my birthday cake…. isn’t it cute!

Hey Nana , can you build one of these at Camp Nana for me?  Huh?  Pleeeeeeease?

It was a great day…. I AM SO HAPPY…. and as always I am Little Miss Adorable… Little Gugu Bee… EVERYONE’S LITTLE PRINCESS!


  • November 25, 2010 at 12:51 AM

Happy Thanksgiving ….

I went to my Great Grandma’s house for TURKEY DAY!   I HAD SOOOO MUCH FUN…. here I am looking sweet and adorable… as always…. hope everyone had a nice turkey day… and Nana is thinking of all the things she is thankful for… there are so many…. it may take her a while.   She says it is easy to wish for this …. or want that…. but its the things we have – that we are to be happy about…. me… I have a lot… I have a mom and dad who love me to pieces…. and a whole bunch of loyal friends and family everywhere….

Nope your computer is no broken…I AM UPSIDE DOWN… I AM JUST PLAYING WITH POPPY!

and see… I am right side up again! 


Who needs a spoon!   Man this stuff is good!


Love always, Little Miss Adorable…. and sticky… GUILLIANNA!

Mitten State Turkey Day Preparation!

  • November 24, 2010 at 1:21 PM

Ummmm…. well let’s just say… Nana went shopping for groceries today… yep on the day before TURKEY DAY.  Not her best plan… but we had fun anyway… us and the rest of the bazillion shoppers.  Yes I said BAZILLION… and can anyone PLEASE EXPLAIN TO NANA….there are several other days before THURSDAY …. and I was willing to go any of them.   I said Hi to so many shoppers… and not to say she is slow or anything but I almost needed a nap during the trip…

If my photos make me look exhausted…. well we can blame it on the Nanster…  (by the way, I am not whining… cause I am a personal fan of field trips… it’s just that Nana who is not an “alone” shopper,  had Poppy and Aunt Alyx, (who MISTAKENLY thought she was getting a lucky break not having school tonight) GOING UP AND DOWN EVERY AISLE… AND BACK AND FORTH… AND WELL LETS JUST SAY… I was the happiest camper…


Here is Aunt Alyx’s reaction as we approached the check out…. 

Personally I have experienced the Nana grocery experience… and Mom says Nana used to drag all six of her kids and go up and down every aisle… they all hated it… yeah… it wasn’t so bad… but I am still small and fascinated by everything… guess it gets old after years and years of it… but I have been officially inducted into the “nana shopping club”  

I am all about the drama… and I am not only a great little flying co pilot (as I got my wings from a pilot just recently on my way to the Mitten State) but I am a great little shopper with Nana!  

Nite Mom and Dad, I had another great day… and now I know what it was like for Mommy shopping with Nana all the time.  Her and her siblings must have had SOOOOO MUCH FUN…. DOING THAT ALL THE TIME…. WOW… SO LUCKY….

Love always, Little Miss Adorable,


Thanksgiving is coming!

  • November 23, 2010 at 10:18 PM

I have so many things to be thankful for… is one day enough to give thanks? I cannot brag too much about mommy and daddy cause they are Army people… and well what happens in the Army stays in the Army.   But since I am on leave… visiting the Mitten State… well Nana and Poppy are not ARMY they are just regular people with no secrets they are just hangin’ out and love all the campers.   MY BIGGEST THING TO BE THANKFUL FOR HOWEVER IS THAT IN JUST A FEW DAYS I GET TO SEE MOM AND DAD AND I CAN’T WAIT…. I AM THANKFUL FOR MOMMY AND DADDY!

I had a great day…. I woke up and played with Aunt Mikayla, before she left for work in the afternoon.   Uncle Nick and Aunt Arri had school and Aunt Alyx and Poppy worked today.    I hung out with Nana and the furry campers.  Best part of my day aside from a quick lunch with Poppy was…. TUBBY TIME.   Here I am … post tubby and getting a blow dry.   Simply irresistable…


So it’s true,

I like looking at my self in the mirror….

Wow… that is some hairstyle Nana.

I have the cutest smile and dimple…

I love this I have all kinds of helpers… so many campers…. waiting on the Gugemiester hand and foot….

I am a princess beyond measure, everyone getting me ready for bed…

and well it is fun being pampered…









In a few weeks I will be 2 years old…. I have been practicing… and when you ask me I will tell you TWO!


Well night for now Mom and Dad, I love you and cannot wait to see you!

Love always, Little Miss Adorable… Little Miss All About the Camera…. Guillianna!