Why New Love Letters?

  • August 5, 2018 at 10:59 PM

A card you wrote to poppy ! He reads it in his office every day !

For nine years this website has been used to bridge gaps in distance.     It holds many precious moments memories stories of love and historical documentation.      It will now continue to bridge new gaps in distance.    It is our hope that these letters will help little innocent children who have to relocate now as they follow mom  who is active duty and dad as children of a soldier.   For about a decade we helped them to maintain stability in a home here in the mitten.     They spent most all holidays with cousins aunts uncles great grandparents and us  while their parents were sent to the land of sand and such- and they have now begun a new adventure.    We will always try to keep their tender hearts close and share with them faces and events here in the mitten so they know they are a huge part of our lives and we will always do our best to keep the closeness they so loved!


This is site will be used to help them adjust and keep them secure in knowing that the love they have always known is strong and will never leave them.     For decades our own now adult children have had various issues with knowing they were loved unconditionally.    Carried with them struggles from childhood traumas be it divorce or death.    They all lived through changes brought to their lives that impacts them greatly.   If we have learned anything through our years as parents and grandparents… it is very hard to make someone realize the value of love to recognize love and to accept it.       These love letters are important in placing truth in a world that sometimes becomes distorted or confused.       But one thing for sure – Nana and Poppy love with all their heart and soul.    It’s up to the reader to hear the words and listen with their heart.