A Promise

  • April 30, 2009 at 10:41 PM

True and Undying Love....

Meet my Poppy….

He was unsuspecting so many years ago.   He was so young, and he was and still is so very kind.   His heart and his soul have always been committed to making lives better, to helping people, to compassion and empathy.   He is my Poppy and he has love in his heart that is beyond measure.

There are those who would swear that Poppy need not ever be stopped at heaven’s pearly gates, by St. Peter or anyone else for that matter, as he for nearly two decades now has been married to Nana, which automatically makes him GOLD CARD CARRYING MEMBER OF THE ‘GET INTO HEAVEN FREE’ CLUB!   He  is awesome!

*** Write poppy at his www.beaumontpodiatry.com  website.  Thanks Poppy… for everything.  Eli and I love spending time in the Mitten State .    We look forward to lots of play time together!

My Poppy… made life for Mommy, her sisters and brother…. so nice, now he is fully rewarded by the way all his big kids treat him back in return… personally I say one of his many blessings is  me and my brother Eli, making him smile, and our cousins Gray and Elena too.   Being a poppy is extra special.   He has helped mommy and daddy finish their promise to protect and serve the country.  Mommy and daddy have been deployed to the land of sand, several times,  and now they will go far away again for another special job, but we are lucky we get to hang our and be in the Mitten State for a while…. and write love letters to mom and dad!

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