Summer Fun Coming to a Close !

  • August 7, 2018 at 4:47 PM

So here is your cousin Sebastian getting his first chance at walking thru the water in the spray park.     He’s gotten so big right ?      It was one of many moments where we wished, very much, you two could have been there.   You would have protected him for the girl he met there who wanted to push him around !     The summer is winding down and school is about to start.    I am so excited for you both.    Poppy sends his love and so do I.    We hope it’s going to be an extra special year for you.   I know how much you loved your time in Michigan and all the dream starters , fun times and fun memories.   We are hoping you will come back and visit sometime soon.    We have tried very hard to co ordinate with your mom and dad, asking to  come  to visit you, we have tried text, calls, emails, pretty much everything we could do but they say it was  and is not possible.   We will keep sending you lots of love and hope,  and we will always wonder when we will see you again.    Hugs from all of the family here in the Mitten! Great grandmas Sharyn and Sally, Papa Alan, as well as you own Nana and Poppy, are sending you wishes for smiles, happy hearts and a virtual hug until the day comes where your schedule is opened up a bit for visitors and family to say hello.   Until that day we will send  love letters.


Love always ,

Nana and Poppy

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