Shopkins and Micro Drifters?

  • June 2, 2015 at 2:04 PM


Dear Mom and Dad,

We are giving Nana and Poppy a lesson on Shopkins and Micro Drifters.    Appearently Mitten folk don’t know about these tiny miracles… but rest assured we have educated them properly.    So I informed Nana that Season 3 Moose Toys Shopkins were released on June 1, 2015.   And since Nana lives in a bigger city than Fort Huachuca has, there are a lot of stores around.   She succeeded in finding me some season 3 shopkins… and I am super excited.   She also found the Micro Drifters that Eli loves.


She says, we have to earn these little magical packs of sunshine, our little bundles of fun… that’s what I like to call them…. yep, Eli and I love these sooooo much.   She also says you and daddy have to decide now that we are on summer break what the rules are for getting to open one of them.


I know you and daddy are busy busy busy… and dad is traveling to where the “cheeseheads” are said to live, right near the mitten state.   I know you are preparing for your big adventure to the land of  ‘rice and nice’…. and we are settling in to our vacation spot quite nicely.

Bubba is pretty sick… as you heard… but we are trying to keep him happy and comfy.  Aunt Kiki will be home on Saturday from the land of Pasta and Pizza!    we will go to pick her up at the airport…. that will be super fun too.

We are both signed up for Gymanstics and nana is trying to find us some swimming lessons.   Can’t wait for you guys to make it here and spend some time in the land of green grass and lakes….

You’ll love it just like we do.

Hope you have a great day today.  Will send you a pic of us with our special packages after nap!   See you later,  all our love, your little prince and princess,

Eli and Guillianna

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