Happy Easter 2012

  • April 8, 2012 at 10:32 PM


Dear Daddy and Mommy:

It was so nice to talk to you  daddy on the phone today, and mommy too, but I get to Tango her at least every day, I miss you daddy…. it is so hard to hear because of the delay and the interference but so nice just knowing you are okay.   This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, we decided we would try to see the Easter bunny!   And guess who I got to see….

Can you believe it daddy ?   We got out of bed, went to the window and peeked out to find the bunny delivering me EGGS!   LOTS OF EGGS!   It was so fun!   I bet you could see them all the way over there where you are – there were so many!  Try clicking this link and maybe you will see the bunny!


As I was peeking out the window, he turned and waved to me, then blew me a kiss and waved good bye as he hopped away…. down the street!   It was so neat!   I turned around and there was my basket full of Easter crafts and games.  Eli got a basket too!   It was so awesome.   We got dressed and went out to fill our baskets with eggs!

Here I am on my egg hunt!   It was so early there wasn’t a lot of light outside so Nana and the beast (the camera)had some adjusting to do…. trying to get a good picture… daylight has bearly begun here its not even 07:00 hours at Camp Nana… but you will love the pics anyway!

If you look the bunny left eggs on my best friends lawn too…. I bet Riley, Grant and Austin will be happy the bunny came there too!

The eggies had little surprises inside, stickers or toys, even little bunnies!

I started to wonder how I could get all the eggs in my little basket…. so the campers helped me we had to get big huge bags to carry all of the eggs!

Yeah… my cheeks are getting rosie it is still nippy in the Mitten State! Especially at 07:00!

I figured out that the bigger eggs had stuffed bunnies inside of them… so what would any one do after that discovery?

Our egg hunt went on for quite a bit… but every egg was a fun find!

Is anyone else getting tired yet?

Well as you can see, it was an amazing day… and seeing the bunny made me so happy!    I love you and as always – I am your Little Miss Adorable,



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