Daddy Look It’s Eli and I …in a photo shoot for you!

  • January 24, 2012 at 3:26 AM

Dear Daddy… Get Ready… here is Eli’s real first photo shoot…. we are back at the Hood, but Nana took lot’s of picks for you and now she actually had a minute to put them up for you.   We are doing good, Eli is getting a tooth and starting drooling right before we flew home… and guess what he is just like me… when I was getting my teeth… I was always running a little fever and always pretty miserable when one would make it’s way through… but Eli is like me in a lot of other ways too… he has been feeling so much better, and smiling up a storm.   Take a look dad!

I think you’re gonna love these pics… Nana tried very hard to get some while we were there… but we kept her pretty busy – so here are more of your prince and princess!

I hope you are loving our photo shoot, I think I get more pictures though since I am always on the go go go and I love to pose… like these ….

He is not quite big enough for some of the action shots yet, but soon daddy…. very soon…. personally I think it is a good thing you are a soldier since we plan on giving you a run for your money…. when Eli starts movin’ there will be no stoppin us!

Me singing…. maybe if I sing a little louder, you will be able to hear me ?

In case you cannot tell, I am really having a great visit in the Mitten State… Nana, Poppy and all the campers at Camp Nana send hugs to you dad… and hope you will be home soon.   Nana says you are going to bring Eli and I back here so she can make you some homemade soup !   Then we can do the hokey pokey together and play- play – play!

Eli says he wants to PLAY PLAY PLAY TOO!   So hurry up daddy and come on home…. we are waiting ….

Until Nana gets more pictures…. I hope you have enjoyed these… and know we love you very much.  We cannot wait to see you again.    As always, sweet baby Eli and Little Miss Adorable…


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