Last day of 2011!

  • December 31, 2011 at 10:39 AM

Dear Mom and Dad,

So here we are at the end of 2011!  This is great news daddy, it means you’ll be home sooner since 2011 is leaving and you are coming home in 2012.   I can’t wait!   Today’s photo shoot was brief… Nana grabbed a few between my patient’s and my grilled cheese.   Yep, I am DR. GUILLIANNA now… and while I am working hard… and so busy that Nana can’t keep up, I decided to hang out and chomp the cheese to let her grab a few pics for you!

CHOMPIN’ THE CHEESE!   It’s true, I love grilled cheese but Nana doesn’t make them as good as Mommy!

What better way to enjoy a sammy than to hang out on my favorite toy, the GUGU COASTER.

I am relaxing Daddy and Momma, I have a blast here at Camp, who wouldn’t ?  Laying around chompin the cheese, and playing all the time.   I am also learning my letters and so far my favorite one is ‘G’.   Go figure.    Nana says I will be learning how to spell my name…. sometime soon.   I think I will send you snail mail daddy and show you how I progress!    So, you probably want me to share my web site with Eli since he is my brother… and I am happy to share, but I got to say… Eli’s pics are not going to show much variety.   Here is Eli…

He too is “chompin” away, just not the cheese.   We took Eli to see the doctor today and he got checked out.  Dr. Eastman says, he is doing good and gave us a new plan to handle Eli’s tummy problems.   So far it is amazing and he is so happy!   Now back to me…

I went to see the doctor.   He says my ear infections have cleared up!  YEAH!   I am so happy.   I wore my doctor clothes to my appointment and they all wanted to take my picture.

I am cute… aren’t I?   Everyone loves my “daddy dimple” !   Now in case you are wondering about Eli…

Yep… it is a different picture, I know hard to tell, but it is.   Guess what… he is eating.  AND HE IS HAPPY!  Most of the pics of Eli are like this right now.   Nana says he will pose for photo shoots more as he grows.

I think you will be so happy to come home and see us, I know I will, and we are getting closer to that day.   I am hanging out in the mitten state and loving it.   Passing the time… and before you know it we will all be back together again.   While Eli grows stronger I am going to hang with him in Michigan… and then we will go back to Hood with mommy.   Nana is busy with things but promises to get you pictures often.

Let me know if you need Nana to send you a “grilled cheese”, they are so yummy!  Until next time daddy and mommy, I hope you remember Eli is always your sweet baby Eli…

and I… am always your Little Miss Adorable…

Dr. Guillianna!

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  1. Mommy

    I love you gugu and Eli so much. You look beautiful and so cute with everything you do. Miss you so much babies.


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