• December 25, 2011 at 8:36 PM


This moring I woke up and SANTA CAME BECAUSE HE KNEW I AM “NICE”!    Yes Daddy it is true Santa came to visit me here at Nana’s.

Look daddy, there were so many packages, and a tea cart too… I love tea partys as you know.. but this is one tea party cart you will really love.   Can’t wait to have tea with you.

See that yellow thing daddy, it’s my new ROLLERCOASTER and I love it.

Here I am riding the indoor RollerCoaster… and it’s a blast.

YouTube Preview Image

Doesn’t it look fun!

Here is a better picture of my tea party cart !

I got so many things, including new princess “glass slippers” that light up when I walk.  They are AWESOME!

There were so many things I didn’t know where to turn….  I even got a cardboard paintable house, can you see me inside my house with my new toy ice cream set!   Here Daddy have some chocolate chip mint – a single scoop!

Here is baby Eli on Christmas morning.   He got lots of things too, so Santa must think he’s a very good boy!   But his favorite is still his bob!

Here is Mommy Eli and I on Christmas morning sending our love to daddy in Afghanastan…. and counting days till you come home…

You won’t believe this daddy, Santa must know I love dancing and music…. now I can do both and is it ever fun…

Don’t I look like a rock star daddy?

I also got this awesome train set daddy…. it has 130 pieces… everyone here said that was the best part  I say it is 130 pieces of fun fun fun…. I say the best part is when I get to say CHUGA CHUGA CHUGA CHUGA CHOO CHOO!

I had a fun day daddy…. and hopefully Nana has gotten these pictures up in time for you to enjoy them for Christmas… even it it is later there… MERRY CHRISTMAS DADDY from Mommy, Eli and I….  and while baby Eli was exhausted by it all…..

I just kept on riding the coaster…

All the campers say the smile tells the story…. can you see it daddy?   Do you think I am having fun?

By days end, I think a road the coaster a bazillion times… and I too was wiped out… so before I go to sleep daddy let me say, we love you, we miss you and Santa was good to me.   Thank you daddy for loving us so much to be there working so hard and giving Mommy, Eli and I a safe and wonderful life.   MERRY CHRISTMAS with all my love, your very own, LITTLE MISS ADORABLE,  (and little miss wild child on the coaster)


3 Comments on How Nice Am I? VERY VERY NICE!

  1. Grandma Sharyn & Great Papa

    WOW — You must have been a very, very good girl last year for Santa to leave you so many wonderful presents. Have lots of fun with all the goodies. GGMa and Great Papa can’t wait to come over and ride the Roller Coaster or maybe dance on the keyboard; or better still — Ride around on the train!!

    Love and Kisses to all —

  2. Daddy

    Wow, what an awesome Christmas and such great dancing by Gugu! Eli is getting too big too fast. Thanks Nana and Poppy for all the great Christmas cheer and support for this holiday season! Mack and I will always be greatful. Wish I was there to spend the holidays with you, but we’ll hopefully be spending some Michigan time with daddy’s free leave when I get back. Thanks again Nana & Poppy!!!

    Love and hugs~

  3. Aunt Pam

    You are one lucky little girl Guillianna…and loved more than you will ever realize ! Give Eli a kiss for me.

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