Hey daddy, guess what I did this weekend…

  • October 17, 2011 at 9:41 AM

Dear Daddy,

I am sending you some pictures to show you what is happing around here these days…  I went back to Fort Hood!   I am not at Camp Nana anymore because I had a special day… I got to fly back to Texas, and Nana and Poppy got to come.   We all got to meet Baby Eli!  Elijah Robert arrived on September 21, 2011 at 8:44p.m.   He weighed 4lbs. 8oz.!

Yep, I really am a big sister!

Look at this… a baby…. for me!

Everyone clap… yay!

He is so tiny dad!   Mommy says, someday he will be bigger than me, but ‘not today’ as I always like to say… 

I am enjoying being a big sister.  

After our long trip back to Texas, and getting hugs from mommy, I finally got to see the little guy and it was so exciting…

He is very good baby daddy, he doesn’t cry – he makes little noises that tell mommy it is time for some of his ‘bob’.   

I was curious and I still am.   He makes noises, and squirms a lot.   Mommy asks me to help her and I do.  My first day home, I got right into the big sister role!  We were in Baby Eli’s room when mommy said we were going to get Eli dressed.   How cool, we get to put teeny tiny baby clothes on my teeny tiny brother, I thought… and she asked me to take his teeny tiny jammies to the laundry basket, and I did… I came running back awaiting my next assignment.   Then she handed me a teeny tiny soft white ball thingy…as she asked me to “take it to the garbage…”  I happily took it into my hands, and paused… stopped in my tracks… looked down at my hands, and for the next minute, let my brain compute what had just happened….what is this?  Hey this looks like a diaper… didn’t mommy remember… if “I” don’t use them anymore, why would I hold teeny tiny smelly ones?   My first reaction or thought… drop it!   My second, was ingenious….I proudly said, “Poppy do that” and  I then delegated the responsibilty to Popster.  What a great idea huh?  

Look at him!   Eli says…. “hey what’s the big deal?”  It’s just a teeny tiny thing… aren’t all things teeny tiny cute?   (Well he is pretty cute and I am a BIG SISTER…  so I guess I can handle his little tiny dipes if mommy asks)

Thumbs up!  All is good, and ‘little guy Eli’ is dressed and ready to go! 

I was a sucess… an awesome job as big sister… not only did I help my mom… but I knew exactly when to call in the troops… thanks Poppy for the help.

After all the waiting – I finally got to hold my brother – and give him his first kiss from his big sister!

I am very happy daddy… and will be so happy for you to come home and see us.   Until you come and hold us both we are sending these pictures your way to make your days brighter!

I love his little toes daddy, I keep asking mommy to take off his socks and then I give them a kiss.

From the little guy himself, sweet “Little Guy Eli” ,  AND LOOK DADDY…..

ITS MEEEEEEEEE…. WHEN I WAS BORN…. Yes, its hard to see since I was wrapped up like an Eskimo, but I was in the Mitten State where the snow was blowing and the air was colder than cold… but look ….he looks like me!

and your Little Miss Adorable,  we love you daddy… and we can’t wait for you to be home on leave…


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