Missing Daddy…

  • September 19, 2011 at 3:38 PM

Dear Daddy,

I finally got to hear you all the way from the far away place you work… and it was nice.   I was getting some string cheese in the grocery store a personal favorite as you know, and the phone rang…. it was you and mommy!  What a treat…. I am glad you are doing good daddy…  I don’t know if you get to see this site anymore, and mommy says you have not gotten any of Nana’s packages.    So Nana sent an envelope with some pictures of me, and just in case that didn’t work she thought she would put a few up on the web site.   I love you and mommy, and just wanted to tell you, I am doing great.   I use a big girl potty now.   I am eating good, and I am really so smart!  Nana and Poppy are always telling me what a good job I am doing.  I am getting ready for Baby Eli and will be home soon with Mommy.    Until we see each other Nana keeps trying to find a way for you to see me…. so here we go…

Until we see each other again daddy…. I love you and as always I am your Little Miss Adorable,


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