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School will be starting soon….

  • August 6, 2018 at 9:22 AM

Silly starts to the school mornings!


We had a blast on our way to school … silly songs and laughter !    We hope your new school year is extra special!   It’s so hard to believe you will be starting the fourth grade and first grade !    So proud of you.     Every one that I still see at Notre Dame wishes you well and thinks of you often.    I will post pics for you of Joey, Annalise, Liam K and Liam C as well as Kate, Rylee, Sadie, Piper and all the rest of the old friends we see from time.   When we do I will get photos for you.     We sent about forty cards or so to you and have given the address to your closest friends.   I heard from Aunt Kiki that Anthony started today and she sent me photos, I simply can’t believe Eli is going to start FIRST GRADE AND GUILLIANNA, oh my gosh the FOURTH GRADE !   Wow 😮 so exciting !

We hope this new school year is amazing for you. Work super hard and read read read !    Make your dreams come true !    XOXOXOXOXOXO

LOVE ALWAYS, Nana and Poppy