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Update –

  • August 14, 2018 at 7:09 PM

Hello from the Mitten!

Everyone here sending love to you both. Hope your Tuesday was wonderful. Poppy is working at the office and I am at home working on the computer. I just wanted to take a few moments to tell you I jist got and email saying that your back to school “lunch love” package should be delivered by Thursday ! I am glad that you will have a surprise headed your way to start the school year off nice!

I also sent the gift Kate Hubbard made for Guillianna! (Its the one I sent you a photo postcard of her making ). In a few weeks baby Cole will be a year old and have his first birthday party. How crazy is that a whole year. Fall will be on its way. It’s been so long since we have seen you. Longer than ever in your lives. So I write daily so one day you will know that even if miles between are great our hearts are still full of love for you both.


❤️Love Nana and Poppy❤️🍪


  • August 13, 2018 at 5:04 PM

When we think of you we smile and hope you do the same! I know there is a lot of things that keep you busy and active that makes us so happy. We await the chance to see your happy little faces. Hope you have a great day ! Missing you here in the Mitten but we stay in your hearts ♥️ for sure, where ever you go !


Love always,

❤️Nana and Poppy🍪❤️


Love Is Forever … ours is with you always❤️

  • August 12, 2018 at 10:16 PM

We send you a love letter today that tells you you’re loved. Elijah you have likely lost some teeth and grown. I bet you played sports. Maybe baseball or went running with daddy ! So much fun and we hope you’re doing great. Guillianna I can’t help but wonder if you are still watching kids baking championship episodes or what is your new latest passion. I can’t even imagine since you are always so creative and inquisitive. Over the past three years we have watched you guys do gymnastics and cheer, and so many fun times were had that I am sure your summer was full of good times. We love you guys to pieces. We always said “To the moon and back”. It’s still true!. Hope our package we sent comes your way quickly. All our love …


Love you,

❤️Nana and Poppy🍪❤️

Sending Love ❤️

  • August 11, 2018 at 6:44 AM

We love and miss you both  so very much and hope you are doing great !    Today is Saturday and while Poppy is at work I wanted to write a quick note to say have a great day – when I woke up the “ good morning song” popped into my head  and  I remembered waking you guys up singing it everyday !   As I did then I still do today hope that every day starts with smiles for you both!    Poppy has a great smile doesn’t he… he likes to start every day happy!   Thinking of you both makes us smile !


All our love,

Nana and Poppy


Lunch ❤️

  • August 10, 2018 at 1:18 PM

Love this pic!

THIS WAS TAKEN LAST DECEMBER – At the royal Park hotel when we had dinner !❤️

Today Poppy is going to pack up a back to school “ lunch love” for you both.      Every day I would tuck one into your book bags so you would have an extra smile in the day while at school.    Today we will send a package  to you for your new school. I enclosed a bunch of stickers like your old favorites from “lunch love”  We hope they will bring some smiles to you this year. We love you both so very much and hope your day is full of smiles and laughter. All our love,
Nana and Poppy

Friday is still a Bash Day …

  • August 10, 2018 at 2:20 AM

Its Friday and we will go pick up Sebastian for the day … he used to love how you guys made him laugh – SUPER GREENS always made him laugh out loud !     You’d be shocked how big he is.     He is walking and yes running … he is learning to talk.     I saw some other photos of you guys with him I thought you may like to see.

And look at this.    You both at beginning of school last year !    I bet you’re so much bigger now.

Look at how adorable you both are !

There is a lot of new things to learn now that you’re  in fourth and first grade.   Can’t wait to see how awesome you do.    All our love today and always –



❤️ Nana and Poppy❤️🍪 


  • August 9, 2018 at 12:19 AM

Hello – it’s a new day and just like every other day we are feeling so lucky to be your grandparents.   We have so many memories to share.   While we want all the grand children to know how much we love them.    Some live closer than others, or we talk to or visit with some more often than others, some things are not in our control.  Work schedules and school schedules, activities all play a role  but the truth is they are all close in our hearts.    This site is about bridging gaps and making sure after so many years of living in the mitten, you two know you are thought of and loved.  So many times we wish we could give you real hugs, not virtual ones and  for now this must do.    Today while working Poppy walked by his little stuffed chocolate chip cookie     🍪     It was a gift that you, Guillianna had gotten him and it still smells like chocolate chip cookies even after all this time.    He smells it every time he walks by it and it makes him think of the notes you used to leave in his brief case and surprises you’d leave him in ziplocs.        Every time we think of you both we smile.    He  thankfully has his special ceramic Tiger bowl that you,  Eli made him there too.    With all kinds of photos and pictures of you and the other grandchildren.     It makes his work day so very nice !   I think there are hundreds of pics surrounding him every day!

Hope you have had a wonderful day and always know that you’re both loved to the moon and back !


Love always



Memory of Up North in the Mitten

  • August 8, 2018 at 3:30 PM

This was when baby Cole was in Aunt Allyssa’s belly …. but it’s such a fun memories  Thank you Aunt KiKi for this lovely photo… it’s a great one!

OH BOY…  how you two love SUMMER!

Hello from the Mitten!

Today I was thinking about our cottage fun times.  how quickly summer passes by !    Then this photo popped up and I decided to share it with you two.     The beaches and sand so much fun !    Swimming always a favorite for you both … the hotels and diving down for toys.   SO MUCH FUN ❤️    Hope you have a great day and enjoy these remaining summer and early fall days and nights.





Love always,

Nana and Poppy




Summer Fun Coming to a Close !

  • August 7, 2018 at 4:47 PM

So here is your cousin Sebastian getting his first chance at walking thru the water in the spray park.     He’s gotten so big right ?      It was one of many moments where we wished, very much, you two could have been there.   You would have protected him for the girl he met there who wanted to push him around !     The summer is winding down and school is about to start.    I am so excited for you both.    Poppy sends his love and so do I.    We hope it’s going to be an extra special year for you.   I know how much you loved your time in Michigan and all the dream starters , fun times and fun memories.   We are hoping you will come back and visit sometime soon.    We have tried very hard to co ordinate with your mom and dad, asking to  come  to visit you, we have tried text, calls, emails, pretty much everything we could do but they say it was  and is not possible.   We will keep sending you lots of love and hope,  and we will always wonder when we will see you again.    Hugs from all of the family here in the Mitten! Great grandmas Sharyn and Sally, Papa Alan, as well as you own Nana and Poppy, are sending you wishes for smiles, happy hearts and a virtual hug until the day comes where your schedule is opened up a bit for visitors and family to say hello.   Until that day we will send  love letters.


Love always ,

Nana and Poppy

School will be starting soon….

  • August 6, 2018 at 9:22 AM

Silly starts to the school mornings!


We had a blast on our way to school … silly songs and laughter !    We hope your new school year is extra special!   It’s so hard to believe you will be starting the fourth grade and first grade !    So proud of you.     Every one that I still see at Notre Dame wishes you well and thinks of you often.    I will post pics for you of Joey, Annalise, Liam K and Liam C as well as Kate, Rylee, Sadie, Piper and all the rest of the old friends we see from time.   When we do I will get photos for you.     We sent about forty cards or so to you and have given the address to your closest friends.   I heard from Aunt Kiki that Anthony started today and she sent me photos, I simply can’t believe Eli is going to start FIRST GRADE AND GUILLIANNA, oh my gosh the FOURTH GRADE !   Wow 😮 so exciting !

We hope this new school year is amazing for you. Work super hard and read read read !    Make your dreams come true !    XOXOXOXOXOXO

LOVE ALWAYS, Nana and Poppy

Why write love letters?

  • August 5, 2018 at 10:46 PM

                 Always remember the fun!

Dear Guillianna and Elijah:

This a the first in a series of letters written to you by Nana and Poppy.   I do not know why you have not been able to call, or take our calls, I do not have an explanation to help a nine and six year old to be able to understand mainly because neither Nana or Poppy can understand it either.   We have not been able to see or speak to you and we had thought after a while things would change and you would be able to talk to us and tell us about your days.   We write these love letters to you so that you will always know how much you are loved, and that we know it is not your fault for not being allowed to  call or see us.   We know you are small children, and we want you to always be good for mom and dad and believe us  we truly know how you always want to make everyone happy.   So to make sure you know and always remember how amazing we think you both are we will keep sending these letters to help you one day when you are bigger to know that Nana and Poppy never stopped loving you.  That every day we are grateful for the amazing memories we had while you were in Michigan.   Every day we think of you and every day we hope you are happy learning growing and following your dreams!   We will update you with love letters about your cousins, aunts, uncles, great grandparents, all of the many people you were always so close with during your 9 and 6 years with us all in the Mitten State.    We hope you will feel our love, and know how full our hearts are with love.    Forever yours,



❤️Nana and Poppy❤️