First Grade and JK !

  • September 29, 2015 at 3:30 AM

Dear Mom and Dad,

We are having an excellent week….

First grade and Junior Kindergarten are going great!   I got a 100% on my last test and Elijah is learning all about the “human body” and the “breathers” aka lungs.   We had dance class after school and tomorrow we are taking Great Grandma and Grumpy to dinner.   Then Wednesday we have Karate!   Hard to believe this is one year ago already…. Nana is taking us to get new pics for this season…. I bet you can’t wait!

one year ago....

one year ago….

Until we write again, always remember we love you and will always be your little prince and princess…  aka Little Mr and Miss Adorable…

Love always,

Eli and Guillianna


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One more day….

  • June 5, 2015 at 6:40 PM



Here we are the day she left…..  Elijah was not here yet…..




YAY!!!!!!   WE CAN’T WAIT!               

Dear Mom and Dad,

Some day you guys will also be able to retire from the army…. it will be a day to celebrate.   Can’t wait to send you pics of Aunt Kiki’s return from Italy.

All our love your little Prince and little Princess,

Elijah and Guillianna!


Going to Gray’s Graduation…

  • June 4, 2015 at 8:59 AM

IMG_9982Dear Mom and Dad:


We are having so much fun… Elijah and I are going to see our cousin graduate from pre-school tonight.   It will be so much fun.   We are also going to see Great Grandma Sharyn, Great Papa and our cousins Marisa Rachel and Noah…  One thing is for sure, lots of people here love seeing us.   This weekend Aunt Kiki comes home and Uncle Nick is having a birthday.     We also get to start our gymnastics on Saturday!   I am so so excited and so is Eli….

We love you both very much and hope you have an awesome day!


Happy Thursday Mom and Dad, all our love, your little prince and princess, Eli and Guillianna!


Shopkins and Micro Drifters?

  • June 2, 2015 at 2:04 PM


Dear Mom and Dad,

We are giving Nana and Poppy a lesson on Shopkins and Micro Drifters.    Appearently Mitten folk don’t know about these tiny miracles… but rest assured we have educated them properly.    So I informed Nana that Season 3 Moose Toys Shopkins were released on June 1, 2015.   And since Nana lives in a bigger city than Fort Huachuca has, there are a lot of stores around.   She succeeded in finding me some season 3 shopkins… and I am super excited.   She also found the Micro Drifters that Eli loves.


She says, we have to earn these little magical packs of sunshine, our little bundles of fun… that’s what I like to call them…. yep, Eli and I love these sooooo much.   She also says you and daddy have to decide now that we are on summer break what the rules are for getting to open one of them.


I know you and daddy are busy busy busy… and dad is traveling to where the “cheeseheads” are said to live, right near the mitten state.   I know you are preparing for your big adventure to the land of  ‘rice and nice’…. and we are settling in to our vacation spot quite nicely.

Bubba is pretty sick… as you heard… but we are trying to keep him happy and comfy.  Aunt Kiki will be home on Saturday from the land of Pasta and Pizza!    we will go to pick her up at the airport…. that will be super fun too.

We are both signed up for Gymanstics and nana is trying to find us some swimming lessons.   Can’t wait for you guys to make it here and spend some time in the land of green grass and lakes….

You’ll love it just like we do.

Hope you have a great day today.  Will send you a pic of us with our special packages after nap!   See you later,  all our love, your little prince and princess,

Eli and Guillianna

Sunday Morning….

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First Play Date….!

  • May 31, 2015 at 8:20 AM
hanging out with cousin Steven!

hanging out with cousin Steven!

Dear Mom and Dad,
Today we met some new friends, and had a play date at Nana’s. We had so much fun, played in the basement, played outside, and had pizza and then popsicles. It really was fun. Things are going great here in Michigan. Can’t wait for you to see the green grass! It is so soft!

We then went to visit Great Grandma Sharyn, Great Papa Alan, Great Uncle David, Great Aunt Kris, Steven, Marisa, Rachel, Noah, Great Great Aunt Shirley, Great Aunt Nori….and Great Grandparents, Cyd and Larry! It was super fun and we loved the attention. Played pinball at their house, just like you used to when you were small mom! Played chess, and all kinds of fun stuff, and of course I brought my shopkins, and Elijah brought his cars…. so we taught all the cousins a thing or two also….

Summer begins….

  • May 27, 2015 at 11:37 AM
Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Good Morning

Good Morning

Good Morning Mom and Dad,

It’s a beautiful day here in the Mitten State….
and we are having so much fun… today we will go to the Library …. We will post about our day later. Love you always, your little princess and prince… Guillianna and Eli

We have arrived!

  • May 24, 2015 at 9:55 PM
We are here!

We are here!

Dear Mom and Dad,
We are here… and it is fantastic. We are enjoying some relaxation in the Mitten State and can’t wait to show you all sorts of fun Michigan Summer fun stuff!

Eli and I are being super good and we are having a blast….
Hugs and Kisses, all our love from your princess and prince…. Guillianna and Elijah

Summer 2015… in the Mitten State!

  • May 13, 2015 at 7:45 PM
Big news.... We are going on a vacation to the Mitten State!

Big news…. We are going on a vacation to the Mitten State!


Mitten State.... HERE WE COME!

Mitten State…. HERE WE COME!

and so am I ... we are ready to see if Nana and Poppy are as excited as we are!

and so am I … we are ready to see if Nana and Poppy are as excited as we are!

Happy Easter 2012

  • April 8, 2012 at 10:32 PM


Dear Daddy and Mommy:

It was so nice to talk to you  daddy on the phone today, and mommy too, but I get to Tango her at least every day, I miss you daddy…. it is so hard to hear because of the delay and the interference but so nice just knowing you are okay.   This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, we decided we would try to see the Easter bunny!   And guess who I got to see….

Can you believe it daddy ?   We got out of bed, went to the window and peeked out to find the bunny delivering me EGGS!   LOTS OF EGGS!   It was so fun!   I bet you could see them all the way over there where you are – there were so many!  Try clicking this link and maybe you will see the bunny!

As I was peeking out the window, he turned and waved to me, then blew me a kiss and waved good bye as he hopped away…. down the street!   It was so neat!   I turned around and there was my basket full of Easter crafts and games.  Eli got a basket too!   It was so awesome.   We got dressed and went out to fill our baskets with eggs!

Here I am on my egg hunt!   It was so early there wasn’t a lot of light outside so Nana and the beast (the camera)had some adjusting to do…. trying to get a good picture… daylight has bearly begun here its not even 07:00 hours at Camp Nana… but you will love the pics anyway!

If you look the bunny left eggs on my best friends lawn too…. I bet Riley, Grant and Austin will be happy the bunny came there too!

The eggies had little surprises inside, stickers or toys, even little bunnies!

I started to wonder how I could get all the eggs in my little basket…. so the campers helped me we had to get big huge bags to carry all of the eggs!

Yeah… my cheeks are getting rosie it is still nippy in the Mitten State! Especially at 07:00!

I figured out that the bigger eggs had stuffed bunnies inside of them… so what would any one do after that discovery?

Our egg hunt went on for quite a bit… but every egg was a fun find!

Is anyone else getting tired yet?

Well as you can see, it was an amazing day… and seeing the bunny made me so happy!    I love you and as always – I am your Little Miss Adorable,



Daddy Look It’s Eli and I …in a photo shoot for you!

  • January 24, 2012 at 3:26 AM

Dear Daddy… Get Ready… here is Eli’s real first photo shoot…. we are back at the Hood, but Nana took lot’s of picks for you and now she actually had a minute to put them up for you.   We are doing good, Eli is getting a tooth and starting drooling right before we flew home… and guess what he is just like me… when I was getting my teeth… I was always running a little fever and always pretty miserable when one would make it’s way through… but Eli is like me in a lot of other ways too… he has been feeling so much better, and smiling up a storm.   Take a look dad!

I think you’re gonna love these pics… Nana tried very hard to get some while we were there… but we kept her pretty busy – so here are more of your prince and princess!

I hope you are loving our photo shoot, I think I get more pictures though since I am always on the go go go and I love to pose… like these ….

He is not quite big enough for some of the action shots yet, but soon daddy…. very soon…. personally I think it is a good thing you are a soldier since we plan on giving you a run for your money…. when Eli starts movin’ there will be no stoppin us!

Me singing…. maybe if I sing a little louder, you will be able to hear me ?

In case you cannot tell, I am really having a great visit in the Mitten State… Nana, Poppy and all the campers at Camp Nana send hugs to you dad… and hope you will be home soon.   Nana says you are going to bring Eli and I back here so she can make you some homemade soup !   Then we can do the hokey pokey together and play- play – play!

Eli says he wants to PLAY PLAY PLAY TOO!   So hurry up daddy and come on home…. we are waiting ….

Until Nana gets more pictures…. I hope you have enjoyed these… and know we love you very much.  We cannot wait to see you again.    As always, sweet baby Eli and Little Miss Adorable…


Last day of 2011!

  • December 31, 2011 at 10:39 AM

Dear Mom and Dad,

So here we are at the end of 2011!  This is great news daddy, it means you’ll be home sooner since 2011 is leaving and you are coming home in 2012.   I can’t wait!   Today’s photo shoot was brief… Nana grabbed a few between my patient’s and my grilled cheese.   Yep, I am DR. GUILLIANNA now… and while I am working hard… and so busy that Nana can’t keep up, I decided to hang out and chomp the cheese to let her grab a few pics for you!

CHOMPIN’ THE CHEESE!   It’s true, I love grilled cheese but Nana doesn’t make them as good as Mommy!

What better way to enjoy a sammy than to hang out on my favorite toy, the GUGU COASTER.

I am relaxing Daddy and Momma, I have a blast here at Camp, who wouldn’t ?  Laying around chompin the cheese, and playing all the time.   I am also learning my letters and so far my favorite one is ‘G’.   Go figure.    Nana says I will be learning how to spell my name…. sometime soon.   I think I will send you snail mail daddy and show you how I progress!    So, you probably want me to share my web site with Eli since he is my brother… and I am happy to share, but I got to say… Eli’s pics are not going to show much variety.   Here is Eli…

He too is “chompin” away, just not the cheese.   We took Eli to see the doctor today and he got checked out.  Dr. Eastman says, he is doing good and gave us a new plan to handle Eli’s tummy problems.   So far it is amazing and he is so happy!   Now back to me…

I went to see the doctor.   He says my ear infections have cleared up!  YEAH!   I am so happy.   I wore my doctor clothes to my appointment and they all wanted to take my picture.

I am cute… aren’t I?   Everyone loves my “daddy dimple” !   Now in case you are wondering about Eli…

Yep… it is a different picture, I know hard to tell, but it is.   Guess what… he is eating.  AND HE IS HAPPY!  Most of the pics of Eli are like this right now.   Nana says he will pose for photo shoots more as he grows.

I think you will be so happy to come home and see us, I know I will, and we are getting closer to that day.   I am hanging out in the mitten state and loving it.   Passing the time… and before you know it we will all be back together again.   While Eli grows stronger I am going to hang with him in Michigan… and then we will go back to Hood with mommy.   Nana is busy with things but promises to get you pictures often.

Let me know if you need Nana to send you a “grilled cheese”, they are so yummy!  Until next time daddy and mommy, I hope you remember Eli is always your sweet baby Eli…

and I… am always your Little Miss Adorable…

Dr. Guillianna!


  • December 25, 2011 at 8:36 PM


This moring I woke up and SANTA CAME BECAUSE HE KNEW I AM “NICE”!    Yes Daddy it is true Santa came to visit me here at Nana’s.

Look daddy, there were so many packages, and a tea cart too… I love tea partys as you know.. but this is one tea party cart you will really love.   Can’t wait to have tea with you.

See that yellow thing daddy, it’s my new ROLLERCOASTER and I love it.

Here I am riding the indoor RollerCoaster… and it’s a blast.

YouTube Preview Image

Doesn’t it look fun!

Here is a better picture of my tea party cart !

I got so many things, including new princess “glass slippers” that light up when I walk.  They are AWESOME!

There were so many things I didn’t know where to turn….  I even got a cardboard paintable house, can you see me inside my house with my new toy ice cream set!   Here Daddy have some chocolate chip mint – a single scoop!

Here is baby Eli on Christmas morning.   He got lots of things too, so Santa must think he’s a very good boy!   But his favorite is still his bob!

Here is Mommy Eli and I on Christmas morning sending our love to daddy in Afghanastan…. and counting days till you come home…

You won’t believe this daddy, Santa must know I love dancing and music…. now I can do both and is it ever fun…

Don’t I look like a rock star daddy?

I also got this awesome train set daddy…. it has 130 pieces… everyone here said that was the best part  I say it is 130 pieces of fun fun fun…. I say the best part is when I get to say CHUGA CHUGA CHUGA CHUGA CHOO CHOO!

I had a fun day daddy…. and hopefully Nana has gotten these pictures up in time for you to enjoy them for Christmas… even it it is later there… MERRY CHRISTMAS DADDY from Mommy, Eli and I….  and while baby Eli was exhausted by it all…..

I just kept on riding the coaster…

All the campers say the smile tells the story…. can you see it daddy?   Do you think I am having fun?

By days end, I think a road the coaster a bazillion times… and I too was wiped out… so before I go to sleep daddy let me say, we love you, we miss you and Santa was good to me.   Thank you daddy for loving us so much to be there working so hard and giving Mommy, Eli and I a safe and wonderful life.   MERRY CHRISTMAS with all my love, your very own, LITTLE MISS ADORABLE,  (and little miss wild child on the coaster)



  • December 20, 2011 at 12:44 PM

Dear Daddy, Mommy and Baby Eli,

Here I am ready for my princess party, and I am sending you pictures because I know Daddy cannot come from Afghan – he had to work… and baby brother Eli has been in the hospital at Fort Hood, so mommy has been taking good care of him.   Nana and Poppy are sad they have so many things going on, but they promised mommy and daddy I would have a special princess birthday party … and I did…. SEE ME IN MY PRINCESS PARTY DRESS!      I hope Mommy and Daddy will love seeing me at my princess party….. cause I know I had so much fun!

I am so excited…. let’s get this party started….

These are my friend RILEY  and GRANT she was so excited to go to my princess party…. here we are getting ready to go…. the princess carriage is going to pick us up soon and take us to the PRINCESS TEA PARTY CASTLE!

We all piled into the princess carriage, and I had so much fun!

My Aunt Kiki, and Aunt Allyssa were ready to have tea… the guys…. well they were good sports and went with smiles!

Hey where is Uncle Nick?

There you are!   and where is Aunt Arri…. Nana you’re too close!

Once we arrived my friends Grant and Riley got ready for the princess ball!  Here is Princess Riley and Prince Grant!

I was prepared for the ball by the ladies of my court and before I  knew it I was ready for the tea party to start!

 Was I beautiful Momma and



 Don’t think for a minute I

 wasn’t ready for this….

 I was born to be a princess

 and I loved every second of


Get ready to see my princess tea party … it was so beautiful!

And I was an awesome princess!


What do you think of my friends and I….

We were ready to enter the castle…. hair done, fairy dust in place, and our fancy clothes…. Nana says, we were adorable… and being I am always your Little Miss Adorable, this was a perfect match!


Here ye…

Here ye…

Presenting Prince Grant, and

Princess’ Riley and






 Everyone had a spot… and pretty china for our tea… I was so good I drank pink tea from a china tea pot, and held the cup by myself.   I put it down softly on the saucer and didn’t spill a drop.   I had princess snacks including a strawberry.   And then everyone sang me Happy Birthday when I got my own cupcake and pink ice cream sundae!

 After ice cream it was time for the ball, so I took my place on my thrown, and songs and dancing began!


Mom and Dad, this was a blast! Thank you for letting me come to Camp Nana for my Princess Birthday!

I am waiting for Santa to come, and have been very good.   Until I write you again, please please know I love you both, and I am being the best princess!  As always, I am your Little Miss Adorable, your sweet…


Hey daddy, guess what I did this weekend…

  • October 17, 2011 at 9:41 AM

Dear Daddy,

I am sending you some pictures to show you what is happing around here these days…  I went back to Fort Hood!   I am not at Camp Nana anymore because I had a special day… I got to fly back to Texas, and Nana and Poppy got to come.   We all got to meet Baby Eli!  Elijah Robert arrived on September 21, 2011 at 8:44p.m.   He weighed 4lbs. 8oz.!

Yep, I really am a big sister!

Look at this… a baby…. for me!

Everyone clap… yay!

He is so tiny dad!   Mommy says, someday he will be bigger than me, but ‘not today’ as I always like to say… 

I am enjoying being a big sister.  

After our long trip back to Texas, and getting hugs from mommy, I finally got to see the little guy and it was so exciting…

He is very good baby daddy, he doesn’t cry – he makes little noises that tell mommy it is time for some of his ‘bob’.   

I was curious and I still am.   He makes noises, and squirms a lot.   Mommy asks me to help her and I do.  My first day home, I got right into the big sister role!  We were in Baby Eli’s room when mommy said we were going to get Eli dressed.   How cool, we get to put teeny tiny baby clothes on my teeny tiny brother, I thought… and she asked me to take his teeny tiny jammies to the laundry basket, and I did… I came running back awaiting my next assignment.   Then she handed me a teeny tiny soft white ball thingy…as she asked me to “take it to the garbage…”  I happily took it into my hands, and paused… stopped in my tracks… looked down at my hands, and for the next minute, let my brain compute what had just happened….what is this?  Hey this looks like a diaper… didn’t mommy remember… if “I” don’t use them anymore, why would I hold teeny tiny smelly ones?   My first reaction or thought… drop it!   My second, was ingenious….I proudly said, “Poppy do that” and  I then delegated the responsibilty to Popster.  What a great idea huh?  

Look at him!   Eli says…. “hey what’s the big deal?”  It’s just a teeny tiny thing… aren’t all things teeny tiny cute?   (Well he is pretty cute and I am a BIG SISTER…  so I guess I can handle his little tiny dipes if mommy asks)

Thumbs up!  All is good, and ‘little guy Eli’ is dressed and ready to go! 

I was a sucess… an awesome job as big sister… not only did I help my mom… but I knew exactly when to call in the troops… thanks Poppy for the help.

After all the waiting – I finally got to hold my brother – and give him his first kiss from his big sister!

I am very happy daddy… and will be so happy for you to come home and see us.   Until you come and hold us both we are sending these pictures your way to make your days brighter!

I love his little toes daddy, I keep asking mommy to take off his socks and then I give them a kiss.

From the little guy himself, sweet “Little Guy Eli” ,  AND LOOK DADDY…..

ITS MEEEEEEEEE…. WHEN I WAS BORN…. Yes, its hard to see since I was wrapped up like an Eskimo, but I was in the Mitten State where the snow was blowing and the air was colder than cold… but look ….he looks like me!

and your Little Miss Adorable,  we love you daddy… and we can’t wait for you to be home on leave…


Missing Daddy…

  • September 19, 2011 at 3:38 PM

Dear Daddy,

I finally got to hear you all the way from the far away place you work… and it was nice.   I was getting some string cheese in the grocery store a personal favorite as you know, and the phone rang…. it was you and mommy!  What a treat…. I am glad you are doing good daddy…  I don’t know if you get to see this site anymore, and mommy says you have not gotten any of Nana’s packages.    So Nana sent an envelope with some pictures of me, and just in case that didn’t work she thought she would put a few up on the web site.   I love you and mommy, and just wanted to tell you, I am doing great.   I use a big girl potty now.   I am eating good, and I am really so smart!  Nana and Poppy are always telling me what a good job I am doing.  I am getting ready for Baby Eli and will be home soon with Mommy.    Until we see each other Nana keeps trying to find a way for you to see me…. so here we go…

Until we see each other again daddy…. I love you and as always I am your Little Miss Adorable,


A place for a princess…

  • July 25, 2011 at 9:58 PM

Dear Daddy,

How are you today?   I got the picture of you in your tent…. and see you are surrounded by pictures of mommy and I.    Today I got a big girl bed, and Nana is going to put up a picture of you and mommy for me to look at when I go to sleep.    I love my new bed daddy, it is so much fun…. and I have sweet dreams in it ….


Mr. Joey… my daddy and mommy say THANK YOU…. because they know you made me very very happy!  Night for now…. sweet dreams daddy and momma, as always your Little Miss Adorable, YOUR SWEET PRINCESS,


Michigan Summers-and Birthday Parties…. YAY!

  • July 23, 2011 at 9:49 PM

Dear Daddy…

I am loving Michigan summer….and hope you can see it in my smile.   I have been enjoying Camp Nana and am really making a lot of friends.    Last week I went to the Kid Rock Water Park in Clarkston for my friend Riley’s birthday party and Nana left the “beast” home, so no photo ops.    This week it was my friend Kennedy and Reagan who had a birthday party and invited me!   I have so many pictures to show you, here are just a few…. are you ready to see your sweet Little Miss?  

So Daddy you can see I am having a blast …. and Michigan is really fun!   Hope you are having a great day, and know that I love you and miss you very much, as always, your Little Miss Adorable,