Will repeat again and again – how truly loved you both are, today, tomorrow and always!

  • September 20, 2018 at 2:21 PM

Dear Guge and Eli-

Look at this – this artwork is from when Guillianna was super small. I found it in my boxes of papers and important things I have saved…

I have artwork from both of you that both of you made for either Poppy or myself. I don’t know if you know this – but I packed each and every paper from school during the days and years spent with us and made certain they got to your parents. I shipped some to your mom when she was in Korea since she would have evenings when not at work to see what you were doing. The rest – I packed up and I gave to her, all set – and ready for her to keep. You did such amazing work and can be so proud.

I am still unpacking some things from our move. As I unpack it’s a sad reminder that mom and dad didn’t have you take hardly any of the belongings that were yours- when you left. There are so many years worth of belongings- toys clothes and memories – all of which were just left behind. 😢

When I asked mom, why daddy didn’t load any of it onto the truck he rented – she said you would be back in two weeks for your eye doctor post surgery checkup – and she was leaving leave them for your cousins.

Well- the fact is – Poppy and I still aren’t sure what really happened, or why. We both just think it is sad you were each only allowed to take a few things! At least Eli got most of his cars 🚗! And Guillianna did get some “stuffies”. It seemed as though there was some plan at that time to remove you both from everything you were attached to, us, the life you had been living – with the hope that you would reattach to the new life . This was their choice and something that was important to them. We try to tell ourselves – at least daddy filled your rooms with other toys, new clothes and beds ( he did all of that before we ever knew you were leaving and would not be here thru the 5th and 3rd grades. We didn’t know the change in plan until long after, because mom never told us, as a matter of fact when her request to be moved came – she didn’t tell us she requested to leave she said she was forced. She even asked me to help get her a physicians letter from your doctor – to have you at stay at least long enough enough to finalize the post surgical period- this was how mom felt she could make it seem as if it was not her decision- but in the end we learned it was- she was not happy and made the changes to try and give dad a chance to learn about how to be a father and develops a relationship with both of his kids ). So the hope is that new things are always fun that you’ll grow happy and feel loved beyond measure- We also hope all the new toys and things helped ease your sadness- please know that love and dreams, love and courage, love and memories cannot ever be left behind. They stay with you. If you keep your beliefs, what you know to be true – close to your heart – if you choose to live happy and grateful for the life your mom and dad are trying to give you, if you do your best – not only will you be ok- but your lives will be good and we hope very happy . Choices are very important. If you always choose to be the best person you that you can be, be kind, honest, you will find all the happiness you could ever want ! There are times in life when your heart breaks and if you can say was I honest, kind, and did I do my very best. It will carry you to another day ! ( Likely as an adult Guillianna and Eli reading this , I hope you’ll fully understand and live to the fullest these hopes and dreams that your grandparents and all the extended family have for both of you, and all of our grandchildren )

I hope that mom sings you both the good morning song every day – or if not I hope you hear it in your memories and start each day happy- and that you create your own awesome dream-starters to end each day.

My daughter, your mom, has said and done everything in her power to remove all people your grew up around – all the people that have spent every moment of your entire lives loving both of you – your relatives are all people who loved, did anything they could do, to make sure you were happy. Aunts, uncles, great grand parents – This is why it is hard for me to understand . I can’t imagine why anyone would want to do any of what has transpired over these past 9 months. I cannot imagine that her personal issues would allow her to stop you from wishing people you love Happy birthday, or hope you have a good school year to your cousins. To prevent you from attaching , and thinking that it would be harmless to do it after so many years of knowing these people & friends that you truly cared for – I have to believe she wants for you both to connect and love parents who have been gone a long time and it’s been said that it’s historically acceptable for some people to “cut people out of ” their “life”. It’s a personal choice and while most everyone I’ve ever known values family friends and relationships, is brought up to love grandparents and aunts and uncles cousins and to look forward to enjoying life with the very people who were there for birthdays and holidays with you – But there are some who prefer to isolate themselves and that is what some have chooses to do and it is what seems to be wanted for you to be able to do the same too. It is a concept no one here understands- but it is true everyone is different and everyone has the right to live how they see best – and while children are young – that decision is the choice of your parents . Yes our own daughter chose different from what her parents would have liked – or what we could ever do. In the end we want more than anything for you two to be happy – we also want her happiness. She has written us to tell us she does not feel we are her parents any longer. She says that we never were. Sadly she cannot see that her children were happy or loved while she was working . She cannot see that she was and is loved. She is putting her personal inability to see truth and some very sad emotions she has manipulated thru the years in order to survive the trials in her own life and choices that she has made – she puts that inability to see truth- before everything else. Sadly her emotions are not factual ; in some cases – some of what she says is not real at all, in others there is a small fragment of truth that is then is distorted into something different from what was real or true. One day when you’re both older you will have all the information – and copies of documents that can help you both see the factual story of how you came to be, and how your moms journey, the childhood of she and her siblings has had circumstances that hurt her before she came to live in America- and how our love, our protection, our help, our job as her parents was not enough for her. Our giving you information in he future that shows the timeline and actual facts , will hopefully create for all the grandchildren the answers to questions they may one day have, it will allow healing and it will validate the reality of our life’s work our intentions our hopes and the passion we have for family. The happiness and future of our kids was a daily promise – and we worked so hard to achieve our hope they would grow into people with heart full of gratitude and respect for lives they would not have otherwise known, there have been hurdles that were so much larger than anyone could imagine – but it always was our hope and dream for all our kids (and children of our kids) to live happily. In the process of our trying to help – the truth is some truly bad experiences made it impossible for all of our kids to trust again- and to adjust. The feelings of no control, the feelings of being left in a special home for children, the feelings of resentment that none of their Romanian brothers had to go to the special children’s home – were a few of many overwhelming feelings that a small girl cannot fully understand. The truth is life as they knew it changed drastically for them. Poppy and I wanted to help, but it is not enough to work alone at such a task. It’s something that requires special care and combined effort by all people in the relationship. Acceptance of love given and a desire to live in gratitude. Not all our children share this belief. That is their choice. In the end these love letters are written to ensure that you know you were not abandoned by us, that you are loved. We hope That you do not feel badly EVER for anything that was not in your control, that you do not suffer the consequences of losing people you so heavily depended upon as foundational, for you have not. You will not ever lose your memories and the love we have for you both. We will always hope that all of our kids and grand kids will know they are living the life that was built on our love and our willingness to try and help. All the grandkids and the lives led by each of our kids – is proof that life is what you make of it, the value you put upon it. It can be good, when you choose good work hard and keep going when it gets difficult. These are very important lessons to learn and as a grandparent, a person who in most families is considered a valuable person. Someone who can be depended upon and is wanted and loved by family- as a grandparent we sadly have only this method for trying to help. When other children have their grandparents VISIT THEM – or call them, and you don’t … we hope you won’t be don’t be sad. This WAS NOT OUR CHOICE. WE HAVE BEGGED THEM TO ALLOW THIS – You have the very best of us inside of you – and memories of all we did with you every day for so very long. No one can remove the reality that in the time spent with us you went from infants – to learning to eat, talk, crawl, walk, run, alphabet, read, and became very accustomed to the love of family – these are a few of the many things you have inside of you to continue to grow and build upon – these years spent are only a portion of that foundational start at Camp Nana. And nothing changes it. The pages of the journal date back February 2010! Nana was adopted too as you may recall. Nana has always known that being a grandparent or parent has nothing to do with ancestors, DNA, when it comes to how much you love and what a person does when being a caregiver in the absence of prenatal. The color of eyes and hair or medical background is linked to DNA – but caring loving and the essential moments you share with a child you nurture as parent or grandparent – has nothing to with DNA, it has nothing to do with if you live with married parents or divorced parents – or if you live near by grandparents or far away from them … love is powerful and it reaches any distance of a person is willing to receiver it. The most important thing about love and parenting or being a grandparent – has to do with the value placed upon the influence a person has had in your life.

To say this is all very grown up stuff and as long as it is- it is severely understated. Therefore the entire file will be included when older. But as I said this is for when your grown, and it is to ensure the feeling and sentiment of our dedication to you – to relate the dedication we have had for your parents over these years – and for all of our kids thru the years . Choices made has affected the outcome of so much.

To lighten the weight of this love letter let us get back to other important stuff. LOOK 👀 – This next pic is an art piece of Elijah’s! Followed by a couple more good memories for you to embrace!

I have to believe one day when you are free to make choices in your own lives, without guilt or fear, you will always choose kindness, we hope you will choose to do good in this world, to be grateful to your mom and dad for all the things they will do in the coming years to help you grow and learn- and to an entire family of people in the Mitten who have been there with you both year after year wishing you love and joy ! We hope that as adults you will both always ❤️ LOVE and put value on the family you choose to share your life with, for family is a gift . YOU HAVE always LOVED BEING OUR GRAND CHILDREN in the past AND we hope you KNOW THAT NO MATTER WHERE LIFE TAKES YOU – we will ALWAYS love you and we still and always will love being YOUR GRANDPARENTS ! We WILL ALWAYS LOVE you both very very much. Keep making good choices and keep smiling !

We love you both and hope your week has been good. We imagine it to be full of new friends at school, lots of activities with dad now that he is out of the Army and that mom is happy to have you home. I know for sure – we tried hard to make our children happy , grow and learn, and we hope that they stay safe by making good choices. Sometimes our children listen. And sometimes they follow their own choices. If you heard that we are bad people , don’t let it make you sad. If you have to agree with people who may say that we are bad people -it is ok… we understand and every child needs to feel secure and loved- and should never be made to choose! Please do not let it make you sad. We ABSOLUTELY KNOW how you BOTH felt when you were here and we do know the truth . WE KNOW YOU LOVE US AND YOU LOVE YOUR PARENTS… AND THAT IS A GOOD THING ! No matter what anyone says, We never have “blamed” you for anything ! We never will blame you for anything ! And we will always support your family. We do hope they eventually learn how this way of doing things was hurtful to many people. And hope they will change and see how possible it is to allow a phone call a FaceTime a visit … We have supported your mom in all she has done through her entire life. It’s possible that the army life, traumatic issues in Romania or her married life has pulled her to change the way she thinks or has forced her to forget all the good. The good you learned in the Mitten will stay with you forever. It’s called a foundation. You had the very best foundation we could provide. Mom and dad sent you to Notre Dame and some of cheer and gymnastics/soccer, and poppy and Nana took very seriously the responsibility to see to all your other needs and to make you as happy as possible. Only time will tell if you will hold on to all the realities seen in some of these photos I share. You may be 18, 25, 45 or a grandma before you read all of this but when you do- There is one thing I say over and over and over again …..

WE LOVE YOU BOTH – To the moon and back again – you are both so so so loved , by all the people in your life – even when you don’t see them. Great grandma’s, great papa, all your aunts all your uncles all your cousins in the Mitten and elsewhere. All the friends and teachers you had here – We don’t really know what you have been told – only what your mom and dad have said. They say you don’t want to talk to us ? And that you are sad about the way you were treated. They say things that we honestly don’t believe to be true. We do believe and know – you need peace and happiness. So we will hope – we will write these love letters , and one day- you will see that mom and dad love you, that all those you’ve known through your lives to age 9 and 6 – love you and that you parents chose the path for their own reasons on how they want to live their lives. Not because you weren’t loved. Not because any one did anything wrong. Not because you were not welcome here and not that you weren’t doing a great job! Until then – we hope you can live every day happy and growing and learning! Playing and laughing. Knowing your loved by all the people who have come to be part of your lives whether you see us all or not. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


❤️Nana and Poppy ❤️🍪

Love you two ! ❤️

  • September 19, 2018 at 11:28 PM

Today is Wednesday and it’s T minus 2 days til the big “7” !

Dear Guillianna and Eli-

You’re almost there to the end of the birthday week … only two more days. Hope it’s an amazing day. Hope you loved the gifts we sent and hope you will laugh and smile because you’re having a big birthday party.

I wish we could see pics of you with missing teeth ! Some day, maybe someday. This week Sebastian has been visiting Nana a lot since Ms.Nancy is out of town. He sure does miss playing with you both. You’d be surprised how much bigger he is.

I will see if I can snap a photo for you tomorrow. Until then we love you to the moon and back forever and always,


❤️Nana and Poppy❤️🍪

Remember Trunk Or Treat INSIDE?

  • September 17, 2018 at 10:12 AM

Dear Guillianna and Eli,

Last year the rain was so bad they had to move the Trunk or Treat inside!

The temperatures are still warm and summer like , but it is not too long before we are enjoying cooler crisp air and falling leaves here in the Mitten state. Remember when Poppy was Robin Hood in the forest!  Sebastian was his horse 🐴 😂 so funny right ? You guys had so much fun that night.

Rylee and Guge… best buds for sure… I saw her the other day.  She says they have written you guys and she still has her little stuffed tiger!   Its is kind of sad for her as well, since they did not do anything at all but help with getting into dance, and be kind.   I know it was very important to your mom that we have lots of play dates, and make friends in the years you were here.   The plan was always to allow you five years, in one place for the sake of continuity.   Education, friends, extra curriculars.   We did all of the things she had asked.   Truly tried to make sure you both were happy and tried our hardest to make sure our daughter was happy.     We celebrated this Halloween thing… for as long as possible didnt we.   I even remember when Rylee and you went to the Friendly Forest the year before….  Yep seems Halloween was from  mid to late September through October!

In addition last year,  you and the cousins went to Trick or Treat at Grandma Sally’s, before actually celebrating on Oct.  31, and Trick or Treating on actual Halloween night.  It was so so so cold outside, remember ?  Today was like 89 degrees…. I cant imagine that in a month it could snow!

Last year you two did do a lot of trick or treating… for sure!   Carving pumpkins will surely be fun, and who knows…. maybe this year, it will be wonderful trick or treat weather …

Anyway…. hope you pick fun costumes out, and that you will get lots of opportunities to have similar or better times this year!

We love you to the moon and back FOREVER AND ALWAYS,


❤️Nana and Poppy❤️🍪

AT GRANDMA SALLYS LAST YEAR with your cousins !

Thinking of you on Sunday September 16, 2018

  • September 16, 2018 at 10:24 PM

Dear Guillianna and Elijah:

Do you know what we have been thinking about…


We have been thinking how much we love you both, and how happy we are that the Birthday box was delivered safely.  I sent it early so it would not be late if there were any shipping delays from the bad weather in the Carolinas.   So many flights were changed and cancelled, that it affects every area, even if you dont live near the bad weather…. but there was no way that we were going to let your birthday gift be late.  So happy… so sweet….

We hope you had a great weekend, lots of fun with mom and dad, and feel rested and ready for a new school week.

Today we saw both of your Great Grandmothers, and Papa Alan, yesterday we saw Aunt Allyssa Cole and Elena, while Gray and Uncle Dwan went fishing….  look he has lost his two front teeth.

He’s getting big too isn’t he ?   We also saw Uncle Nick, Aunt Liz  and Bash!   When you think about how he is getting big…. it is pretty clear that so are you two.   LOOK at the images of the two of you – they were taken  long ago … look thoough, you can see….  Happiness – PURE AND JOY . They say that if you close your eyes and think happy thoughts it can make you feel better every single day!

These photos of the two of you, show your little faces, and remind Poppy and I of all the love in your hearts.    We cannot wait for a day when we can see them again.   We hope every day that you know and remember that we want you both happy, and know how much Poppy and I  loved being with you for so many days  –  days that were filled with all kinds of activities and fun.

No matter where you are, no matter what you do, our love will always live inside of you.

Dream starters, and baking, movies, popcorn, snacks and toys.   Trips to Safari Cafe, photo booths and special days.  Gymnastics and cheer, soccer and play dates…. so many things that you can use to dream about all you knew.  One day we will see you again, spend a vacation like we did up north.   Maybe one day we will come your way, stay for the weekend and play play play …


Never lose hope that things can change, you will see all of us again, and until then,  be smart, stay strong, and work hard all day long.   School is so important so keep working hard.  Cant wait to hear Eli read me stories now that he is in first, you were doing so good when you left.  And Guillianna was doing so awesome last year, I can only imagine that you continue to be earning something similar to the brag tags, or IB awards that are in your new school.


All your mitten friends and family say hello.   Joey and Annalise sent mail, Kate, Piper and Rylee did too.   We know it is likely not easy for you to respond.    They know that if you guys get to visit , we will have a party for you to all have fun.   Aunts Uncles and cousins, great grandparents too, all are sending hugs and kisses.



Love you both forever and always, hope you enjoyed seeing all these little faces…. and know that every single person here LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVES YOU BOTH!


❤️Nana and Poppy❤️🍪

Next Week A Birthday is Coming…

  • September 15, 2018 at 6:14 AM


Dear Guillianna and Elijah:

Next week is Eli’s birthday, and I sent a package to you.   Inside are Eli’s birthday gifts- to celebrate how amazing you are, and a big sister gift for Guillianna, to say what an amazing big sister she has always been.   It is hard for us to pick out your favorite things, since we do not get to see or talk to either of you.   We still hope that you will like them, and have fun.   I sent them special delivery because with all the airlines having issues due to predicted storm/hurricane expected to hit in the Carolinas, I did not want to risk it being late.   I did get notification from UPS that it was delivered to your home thank goodness.

This is a video of Eli the day he was were born.  Since you arrived so early,  Nana, Poppy and Guillianna were still in the Mitten that day, and Daddy had to be in Afghanistan.  Guillianna stayed with us in the months before you came while Mommy was letting you grow big enough to come meet everyone.   And after you were born, she stayed at the hospital every minute to make sure sweet baby Elijah was doing good.  When he was able to go home he and Mommy spent time together helping Eli get bigger and stronger.

We hope this birthday is extra special for Eli and want to tell you that we would be there with you if we were welcomed to do so.   We have asked.   Please know how much we love you both, and how much we hope the birthday is full of new friends, birthday celebrations and a theme that makes you smile ear to ear.

All our love to you both, today, forever and always,


❤️Nana and Poppy❤️🍪

Fun days ahead … and dressing up….

  • September 12, 2018 at 11:01 PM






Here is a blast from the past- AND THIS IS ONLY A FEW OF THE MOMENTS WE HAD FUN … some adorable costume choices !  From dressing up for big dances, dressing up for Halloween and even just for fun, fall fairs, birthday parties, Irish week’s crazy hair day!   All kinds of silliness and fun.  Hopefuly you will keep those fun times in your hearts for ever. Wonder what you will chose to be this year for Halloween ? We had so much fun with costumes for all kinds of different things and sometimes for no reason at all like the face painting and silly SnapChats with your cousins. Above are just a few!  SO MANY HAPPY DAYS, SO MANY FUN COSTUMES AND SO MANY SMILES….  Nana has so many wonderful pictures for you to keep and enjoy as you grow older.   If you only knew how much love and care went into making good memories for you.   WE DON’T KNOW WHAT HAS BEEN SAID THAT YOU COULD EVER THINK ANYTHING SAD.   WE WERE SO HAPPY SPENDING TIME WITH YOU.  NEVER WERE SAD ABOUT ANY PART OF HAVING THE CHANCE TO HELP  MOM AND DAD, TO LIVE WITH YOU FOR SO MANY YEAR.  Look at just a few of the fun costume days over the past years.   These photos are but a few of so so so many….  Do you remember?

Mom and Dad have said you were unhappy here.  They say you dont want to talk to us anymore,  and oh my goodness we are so confused.   We can’t imagine what you must be thinking about all of this. For us it seems pieces of events have been altered to seem as though we have would ever do anything to hurt anyone’s feelings.   I think that when your lives changed so much last December , and you both we so sad leaving. So afraid of change. Remember when Eli’s camp called because he didn’t want to have any changes and I went to pick him up ? We know that you want so much to make your mom and dad happy and so do we. Yet things have spiraled out of control.  We truly feel you want very much to make your mom and dad happy.  You want to be happy.   You knew – they were not happy with Michigan, and even knew we eventurally stayed away when Dad was in town to give him space.    Knowing how hard this must be for both of you is why I write journal.   I hope one day you will both know we always only WANTED YOU TO BE HAPPY AND DO NOT, AND  did not, EVER WANT IT TO BE HARD FOR YOU.  
You never will have to feel you have to choose.   You are supposed to live with your mom and dad, and be happy, never be sad that you could not call, or tell us.  Just keep your happy memories safe and use them when you need to feel happy.   Keep your beautiful smiles and never feel bad about not calling, or seeing us.  Never feel bad for not seeing your cousins, or being able to be there for birthdays and holidays…. WE ALL WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY AND THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN CHOOSE OR CONTROL.   For I know everyone here wants you to be as happy healthy and smart as you can possibly be.   Using happy memories, to feel good about your self and your life is so important.   Believe in the truth always…and everything will be okay.   Your mom and dad love you so much, and some people do not need big families around, they like to live life on their own.   They will always love you and you have people everywhere in many many places who also love you.   Grown ups are able to make decisions … how they wish to live life.   Until children are grown, parents make these choices for them.    Nana and Poppy made choices for our children, and when they grew up they made their own.   We love our family, and love being around them.  When we cannot be around them we keep them in our heart and we hope they are happy.

It is hard to understand, after all we know how you felt when you left here- loving us loving life and everything here so much , and it was so sad how hard you were both crying, not wanting to go.  Not because you didnt want to be with mom and dad, but simply because it was such a surprise and change is always so hard.   The plan all along was for you to be in the Mitten for five years total.  The move after the third year came up in November (around the time of the eye surgery) , and was made in December.   It was a shock for sure, and as a matter of fact mom even asked the eye doctor for a letter saying you can stay in Michigan.   That day was sad because all you had come to call home for so long was changing.    I remember that Mom made promises that you could “call anytime”.  That you would be back in a few weeks.  Next thing we hear, we cannot see you we cannot talk to you and you don’t want to see us . It’s even been said there is this huge problem that Nana was not good, and that you were treated badly.   Only fractions or pieces of truth then distortion or altered versions with so many things that are not true.

Ultimately this must be so hard on you both, since we do know how much you want to make Mom and Dad happy and live in a happy home.   THAT IS WHAT WE ALL WANT FOR YOU … HAPPINESS.  We don’t know if your mad that we didn’t make things so your could stay. We don’t know if your even mad at all since last we face timed Eli was sad when I said “but Eli you won’t be living at Nana’s now that Daddy was out of the army. I said “now you get to live with mom and dad all the time ” to which He then gave the “thumbs down” and was taken off the phone to his bedroom by mommy. That’s when for a moment Guillianna spoke to me and asked mom if she could call Poppy at work. Mom said “it’s 7:30 you have school ” and Guillianna asked if she could call the next day. Never did we hear another word …. So unbelievably hard to understand and it makes us wonder what has happened. For your entire lives we spoke played lived and loved having you around and felt very happy for the chance. Never did we imagine this !?

That is why we write love letters.  To make sure you know that we understand.  We want happiness for you. We don’t ever want you sad.   We have to respect our daughter needed to make changes that she felt would help your family.   In her opinion or theirs , Removing us, was the solution they felt best to solve something they believe but what we can’t understand is why they would ever think you were unhappy .   We will always try to help all the people in our family.  We always have.   When our own kids became adults they were able to choose what they felt is best.  For the two of you – We have always said, Mom and Dad are in charge – and we tried our best to make your mom and dad very happy.   Somehow they now see us as telling you that 1) you were bad kids, and 2) that we did not treat you well enough.   (They were told we forced you to do homework, and were unkind about it, -and even that Nana blames you for having no toe??? Oh my never ever has anyone said that, or felt that, or ever thought that, so we are very shocked.)   Very shocked, that pieces of reality like having no toes, turned into something so abstract, absurd and untrue.  By the time you read these letters, you’ll know about diabetes and how it was what caused me to have surgery. I do not know how this unkind and untrue seed was planted, but it could not be further from the truth.  And if for some reason anyone ever lead you to believe you should be guilty, or sad for something that is nothing to do with you, and is truly not even a problem or big deal for Nana, I am so sorry.   Please,  Let’s make sure you remember the real truths, like what you do remember me saying and doing –   “where ever you go, what every you do” kisses, will you drive us to school? Will you pick us up ? How you didn’t want us to go out and leave you home with mommy ? How is possible you went from wanting to see us be around us and so so happy ? To this ? In reality we were pretty inseparable, and you were so happy! There was always huge excitement over Eli Nana time while Guillianna had her events, Guilllianna Eli time when Eli had his… always so much fun.   The kind of sorrow we are told you have at the time of this love letter,  is so shockingly different from anything we knew to be true.

It’s also been said that they believe that we said bad things about them.   Nana and Poppy have always done their best to help Mom and Dad, and have always done our best to care for you both in their absence.  We also always told you how they were helping others and making the world a better place.  From when you were months we played you homemade videos of them and we were always making sure you knew they love you. We told you that we could all do things so that you too could be like mom and dad, like when we helped the children with cancer and dressed up like Mom and Dad.   We only ever tried to be the best grandparents we could to you both.   Why they feel the things they do, and why this has happened we cannot understand or explain to you.   Until they are able to sort out the truth, and see pieces of things they say, are not the entire truth, this will be so hard for both of you and for everyone that has been affected by such rash and harsh withdrawal from the lives you’ve always lived. For all the many people who have gone without being able to see or speak to you regularly – or at all.

This site will be a source of happy reminders for you to one day reconcile all you must feel as children, or will feel as adults.   This site is a source that Poppy and I hope will one day help you, and even help your parents, and yes even ourselves as well, to find the actual truth of what was REAL over the past nine years.    We may not ever be two people they choose to spend time with.   That is their choice, and also theirs to make for you as children.   They may like being able to not share time with extended family, or simply may be so used to the life of moving and not getting too attached to anyplace.   Maybe this is easiest way for them to cope with the life that the Army or their own past childhood issues which had been created within them.  Maybe they needed time with just the two of you after so long away.  We may not ever know.  The reality is they are your parents, and we are left without options other than to be respectful of their demands – ( we have been told that we cannot send cards, they changed all their phone numbers told us not to call -and we’ve been told we cannot visit, see or speak to you -)  Love letters for your future is all we can do as of now .  Mommy and her parents will not ever likely be able to agree on some things, …. for we will always feel this method of isolation was so hurtful to everyone, but we can hope for the day where at least being civil and showing kindness will return, and the daughter we helped, loved and believed could never do something so unbelieveable, returns, undertanding and compassion wins – and this terrible situation ends.   Until that day, having respect, gratitude for all they have done and try to do for you,  and you two showing love for your parents, is very important.    Being smart and strong and keeping honesty and gratitude and all your family in your heart as part of many great traits you already hold is so important. Hopefully you will always remember that, despite anything.

Well we are into September and with fall headed your way there will surely be fun days ahead ! Plans for trick or treat and fall festivals ? Apple picking or jumping in leaves?  New costumes and lots more smiles.

We hope that what ever you choose to do this fall  – that it is fun and makes you both smile just like the faces in these photos!

The fun times you spent in the Mitten may slip away or fade from memory with time but the photos will always be nice keepsakes.

Hope your days are full of laughter and smiles. Missing and LOVING you both always and forever,


❤️Nana and Poppy❤️🍪